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8mm ( 5/16 inch ) Fuel Hose End Pugs x 4

Use when disconnecting a fuel hose to prevent spillage on your engine or floor!

You would be amazed at how much fuel can leak out of a fuel hose when you disconnect it from your tank or engine. This is an easy way to prevent messy spills.


All Models Radiator Hose Chafe Protector - Heavy Duty

Don't let a hose rub up against the engine or radiator. Easy install with zip ties included if needed.

This is a great solution to what is sometimes a nagging problem. This heavy duty and flexible and adjustable plastic spacer can be put on the top or bottom radiator to prevent chafing in and area where it might come in contact the the engine or the radiator.


1977 to 1985 Diesel Engine Critical Coolant Service Kit

So often neglected - yet critical to preventing pre-mature or catastrophic engine failure!

Why is this so important? It is primarily due to the age of these cars now and the fact that lurking problems can be hidden from visual inspection. There is not ONE diesel that Kent has looked at in the last five years that does not need this service! Even ones with under 150,000 original miles.


M100 6.9 N.O.S. Engine Water Pump and Water Pump Housing

This is a very rare find. Some rebuilt pumps are available and very expensive but there are no new ones out there!

When I say New Old Stock the emphasis is on old. This has been sitting in a garage for about 20 years. It has not been on a car but it was put together with the housing and then taken apart.  The gasket is damaged but will be included. No bolts included.


W110 200D OM621 Diesel Engine Vacuum Pump - USED

Good working condition. Internally inspected. See pictures below

Kent opened this up to make sure the diaphragm was in good condtion. Check valves appear to be almost new with no oil contamination, so we suspect this is a low time pump or had a kit installed when they were available. 


$25,000 + Parts Collection from 1960s through 1980s Mercedes Benz

25 year accumulation of large and good quality used parts W110, W108, W116, W115, W123, W126 and W201.

Kent would rather see these parts go to someone wanting to start or expand his Mercedes used parts business than go to the scrap yard. He realizes it is time to start thining things out including all these old parts as well as a number of his cars (see related products below(.

On Demand Video

1978 to 1985 Diesel VCV ( Vacuum Control Valve ) Internal Inspection and Service Instructions - On Demand Video

Warning: Not all VCV valves are repairable. Some are just too worn out and no parts are available. But it is worth a "shot."

Kent delivers a very detailed 24 minute video on understanding how this valve works and how to fix it if possible. You will learn how to recognize a valve that is just too worn out to repair. No bleeder valve repair parts are available and there is not way to DIY fix one if it is badly damaged.

Currently out of stock.

1978 to 1985 Diesel VCV ( Vacuum Control Valve ) Internal Inspection and Service Kit

We can not call this a rebuild kit because not all VCV valves are repairable. Comes with 3 detailed On-demand videos to remove, test, and service!

The VCV valve controls the critical shifting patterns of most diesel automatic transmissions from 1978 to 1985. This includes the 1978 to 1985 300SD, the 1980 to 1985 W123 300D, 300CD and 300TD and the 1980 to 1983 240D.


1972 to 1987 Bosch Long Diesel Fuel Injector Critical Replacement Parts - Used

Other than the nozzle itself, these are the critical parts that wear out internally and can cause leaks and misfiring.

When “rebuilding” an old Bosch mechanical fuel injector, replacing the nozzle is usually enough get it working again at peak performance. But sometimes you will run into a fuel injector that just won't fire right nor product a correct fan spray pattern.


1968 to 1985 Bosch Short Diesel Fuel Injector Critical Replacement Parts - Used

Other than the nozzle itself, these are the critical parts that wear out internally and can cause leaks and misfiring.

When “rebuilding” an old Bosch mechanical fuel injector, replacing the nozzle is usually enough get it working again at peak performance. But sometimes you will run into a fuel injector that just won't fire right nor product a correct fan spray pattern.

Currently out of stock.

1986 and 1987 6 Cyl. Diesel Full Set of Rebuilt Fuel Injectors with Monark Nozzles Installed

For W126 300SDL and W124 300D / 300TD with OM603 engine. New heat shield washers are included.

This is the last set we have rebuilt with Monark nozzles. There will be no more. Rebuilt by Kent personally. Started with very good used injectors that he had stashed away. They have excellent internal parts, each was throughly cleaned and the correct specification Monark nozzles were installed.


W123 300TD 280TE Original Wagon Tail light Lens Set - USED

Genuine Mercedes in good condition as shown. These are the lenses you will receive.

Pictures will clearly show the above-average condition. One minor repair is needed. One threaded stud was broken off during removal. You can easily replace it by removing one from your old lenses. BULB HOLDERS ARE NOT INCLUDED!


M116 M117 Damaged Cylinder Head Bolt Removal Tool

Can remove 1970 to 1990 V8 R107 W116 and W128 head bolts where the hex hole has been rounded out.

Planning to replace the head gaskets on your older v8 engine. You should have this tool on hand before you start. You don't think so? Watch the video and then decide.


1968 to 1976 W114 W115 Front Subframe Mount Kit

Fits 220, 220D, 250, 280, 280C, 240D, 300D (not W123 chassis) 1968 to 1976

If the front end of your W 114 or W115 sedan or coupe wanders on the road or thunks when you go over railroad tracks, you most likely need to install a new front subframe bushing kit. I see this condition even on real low mileage pristine cars. 


W123 W116 Early W126 Diesel N.O.S. Vacuum Fuel Shutoff Valve

EFFBE brand made in West Germany. For 4 and 5 cylinder diesels from 1977 to 1985 ( except 190D)

Only one of these available..  If your diesel engine is starting to shut off very slowly or maybe not at all, it may be time to replace the vacuum fuel shutoff valve located at the rear of the injection pump.


30 Pc. Assortement Plastic Body Pin Fasteners

Special Purchase. You will receive 28 to 30 pieces as shown - various lengths and diameters

These are not Mercedes specific although some will work well in certain places on older Benz. This is a general purpose assortment that can be used on many vehicles. Handy to have in your garage. 


R107 Wood Shift Cover Rear Hold Down Replacement Pin

Known to fit 1976 to 1989 450SL, 380SL, and 560SL. May fit earlier models but please check your wood before ordering

This replacement part that we make here in our own shop is built stronger with a solid core pin so it will not break off like the originals ( See 560SL wood below for reference ). The original is only stapled on and is prone to fall off with age.


W123 Driver Side Door Striker with Bolts and Spacers - USED

For 123 sedans and wagons 1977 to 1985 front or rear door

Very good used original left door striker plate with good bolts and two spacers.  The spacers can help you move the striker side to side to get your door to close better.


1982 to 1984 W123 Turbo Diesel Heater Coolant Hoses and Pipes - USED

All the hoses, metal pipes and clamps from the auxiliary water pump to the monovalve and into the firewall

Only one available as shown. Good used pipes and hoses as shown. The hoses are still soft with no evidence of cracking. The pipes are reasonably clean with no evidence they're close to rusting through. These will not fit those 1984 and 1985 diesels with the trap oxidizer.


R107 Late 450SL 380S 560SLFuel Tank Outlet Hose

Original braided style hose - 16mm I.D. - 1977 to 1989 107 SL. Also fits late 1977 to 1980 450SE and 450SE as well as W123 280E and 280CE with 16mm hose.

Fuel hose as shown. Connects to bottom of fuel tank and drops down to fuel damper. 

On Demand Video

1981 to 1991 Monovalve Climate Control Electric Water Pump Upgrade Installation Instructions - On Demand Video

How to install a newer style pump in your late W123, late R107 and W126 with ACCIII automatic climate control

In this 30-minute instructional video, Kent will explain how this new pump compares to the original, what is included in the kit and why, how to make a new plugin wiring harness, demonstrate step by step how to install this pump in a late W123 and explain the differences you will face when instal


1981 to 1985 R107 380SL REBUILT Cruise Control Amplifier

Our experience has shown 70% to 80% of cruise control problems are related to failure of this unit - NO CORE CHARGE!

Rebuilt and sealed unit by a professional electronic component rebuilder. Replacing this unit will solve most BUT NOT ALL cruise control problems on your 380SL roadster.

Currently out of stock.

W123 Glove Box Hardware - USED

For all 123 sedans coupes and wagons. 1977 to 1985

Study the picture carefully. This is exactly what you will receive.   Only one available


Early W126 Klima Heater Control Monovalve Conversion without Heated Windshield Washer Fluid Tank

Free Performance Kit Included. For most 126 sedans and coupes 1981 through 1985. Replaces the original Bosch valve on ACCIII U.S. Automatic Climate Control cars - Limited Stock

PLEASE NOTE In stock now and ready to ship. No detailed instructions at this time, but it is not a difficult install this unit once you remove the false firewall at the back of the engine. You will be able to gain access to the monovalve and electric pump assembly.

On Demand Video

How to Install the Klima Heater Control Valve in the late W123 and the 380SL - On Demand Video

Since this really is a "plug and play" unit, it is very easy to install. No modifications at all are needed!

In this instructional video, Kent demonstrates how easy it is to install the Klima heater control valve ( monovalve replacement ). If you have one of these popular and classic Mercedes, this is the best upgrade you can make for your climate control.

On Demand Video

How to Install our ACCIII Climate Control Performance Upgrade - On Demand Video

This applies to the 1981 to 1985 W123 and the 1982 to 1989 R107. Also indirectly to the W126

This an instructional "how-to" video that comes with our ACCIII performance upgrade it. It will show you how to install a protective fuse for your auxillary water pump and how to replace the rotton foam climate control hose under your dash. Total run time is 16:29.


1981 USA Passenger Car Introduction to Service. ITS Factory Manual

More than an introduction. Loaded with good tech info on the OM 617 Turbo Diesel for the 81 300TD and the all new W126 chassis sedan!

This is an “introduction to service” manual that was supplied to dealer service departments to help familiarize them with the new 1981 models or any changes to existing models.