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Superlight LED Shop Light 7 Foot Tripod Stand w/ Caster Wheels and Extras

Tripod with custom fitting and 14 inch aluminum light bar - NO lights included - LAST ONE AVAILABLE

Light weight easy-to-adjust tripod stand with 3 caster wheels. A 14 inch long aluminum light bar is included to install the lights of your choice. Adjusts to 7 feet in height.


W123 W126 W201 W124 LED Dash BRIGHT WHITE Replacement Bulbs ( Set of 3 )

BRIGHT WHITE COLOR (similar to newer cars with very white color): Increase brightness substantially without increasing heat! Comes with free video - FREE BONUS EXTRA BULB INCLUDED

The dash lights on these older models have never been super bright and on the 123 chassis, they have been downright dim - even with new bulbs and a new potentiometer.


W123 W126 W201 W124 LED Dash WARM WHITE Replacement Bulbs ( Set of 3 )

WARM WHITE COLOR (yellowish light like original color) : Increase brightness substantially without increasing heat! Comes with free video: Extra Bonus bulb included an no extra charge.

WARNING: Be very careful buying these from another vendor. They will not work in Mercedes. We have to modify and test each one here in our shop to make certain you will receive a bulb that works and will not burn out immediately!

Currently out of stock.

Multi-Function Swivel Head LED Hand Held Light

Unique light weight narrow design you can carry in your pocket - fasten with clip or magnetic base

Best all around hand held light you can own. Works as titling flashlight, a small room or camping light, and an emergency flasher.  Can be hung by the included clip or can be placed on steel and held in place with the hidden magnet in the base.


R107 W116 W123 W126 W201 W124 R129 W140 Instrument Cluster Removal Tools

With Free Video Instructions - For most models from 1972 to 1999

Removing a Mercedes instrument cluster from any of the chassis listed is easy with these special "pull" tools. Many owners do not realize that the instrument cluster is just pushed into the dash panel and not held in with any bolts or screws.

On Demand Video
Using Lipo Batteries - On Demand Video

How to Use Small Lithium Polymer Batteries to Work on Your Car - On Demand Video

If you are into RC (radio control) you will already have these batteries and special charger

Tired of lugging around heavy batteries or battery boosters to test electrical components in your car? It does not have to be a Mercedes. It does not even have to be a car. Anything that runs off 12 volt DC power can be tested by these small, light weight but very powerful batteries.