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190E 260E 300E 300SE 300SEL New Fuel Pressure Accumulator

With M103 Single Camshaft 6 cylinder engines from 1986 to 1993 as well as a few others. See list below:

The fuel accumulator maintains the pressure in the fuel system for a certain time after the engine has been switched off. When the engine is running it serves to deaden the noise of the electric fuel pump.


1976 to 1985 R107 W116 W126 Fuel Injection Accumulator

SINGLE HOLE ACCUMULATOR: Fits some 450SL 380SL 450SE 450SEL 380SEL 500SEL 500SEC

Brand new aftermarket fuel accumulator for the 1976 to 1985 V8 engines. It is mounted near the fuel filter under the back end of the car and hardly ever gets replaced. What does it do and how do you know if it is bad. Watch the video below and Kent will explain.


1986 to 1991 R107 and W126 V8 Fuel Injection Accumulator

Fits 420SEL 560SEL 560SEC and 560SL - also fits 6 cylinder M104 CIS engines 1990 to 1993 (300CE and 300SL)

Brand new aftermarket fuel accumulator for the 1986 to 1991 V8 engines. It is mounted near the fuel filter under the back end of the car and hardly ever gets replaced. What does it do and how do you know if it is bad.

On Demand Video

Mercedes SLS Accumulator Replacement Instructions - On Demand Video

Step-by-step procedure for safely removing the old accumulator balls and installing new ones

In this video Kent will walk you through the procedure of removing the old accumulators and installing new ones in a W123 300TD wagon. It is a very straightforward job that only takes a couple hours. You will need to raise the car and safely support it on jack stands.


Late R107 450SL W123 280E Factory O.E. FID T-Hose Assembly

This connects to the fuel accumulator located near the fuel pump and filter on some 1978 to 1980 models

This hose assembly was used on the fuel delivery systems in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Installed on some R107 450SL and 450SLC, W116 450SE / L  and 280SE, and the W123 280E and 280CE. Be sure to check your car before ordering to make certain this hose is installed.


6 Cylinder M103 M104 CIS Fuel Delivery FID Overhaul Kit

For 1986 to 1993 M103 and M104 CIS powered cars (W201, W124, R129 and W126 chassis)

Most 1986 to 1993 6 cylinder CIS fuel injection delivery (FID) systems are old and tired and have not been properly maintained. These include the W201 190E 2.6, the W124 260E 300E, 300CE, 300TE, the W126 300SE, and 300SEL, and the R129 300SL.


W124 Chassis Station Wagon and W140 SLS Self Leveling Accumulators

Set of 2 for all W124 300TD and 300TE 1987 to 1993 and all W140 Chassis 1992 to 1999

Brand new high quality accumulator set for self leveling suspension SLS. If you suddenly have a harsh abrupt ride then this is usually the culprit. Two per car and should be replaced in pairs.


1976 to 1980 450SL 450SE 450SEL Fuel Injector Replacement Kit

Includes GENUINE Bosch fuel injectors, new injector holders, new seals, cleaning supplies, and video instructions.

Why change K-jet injectors when "they are working?"  Why change shocks when they feel ike "they are working." The deteration is very slow over time and you may not notice the difference in how the engine starts, runs, accelerates, and delivers mileage until you do this service!


1981 to 1985 380SL R107 Fuel Delivery Overhaul Kit with Free Video Instructions

ALSO FITS 1981 to 1985 380SE and SEL Almost all 380s need this badly due to age and neglect. Rotten hoses are often overlooked. Weak pumps and plugged filters cause all sorts of engine performance problems.

All 380SL, 380SE, and 380SEL owners take note. Even if you acquire a nice 380 like Kent's Cherry you are going to need some or all of these components ( unless of course it was recently done by a competent mechanic ).

On Demand Video

How to Determine if Your SLS Accumulators are Bad - On Demand Video

Using both road tests and bence tests Kent will explain how you can troubleshoot them yourself!

Trying to fix a rough or bouncy ride in your SLS Mercedes? Not sure what is causing the problem?  Maybe you have heard that it might be the accumulators.


1986 to 1991 R107 and W126 V8 Twin Pump Fuel Delivery Overhaul Kit

For 420SEL, 560SEL, 560SEC and 560SL - Complete Kit with detailed video DIY instructions

Many of these particular big V8 models are now becoming true collector cars and going up in value at a steady rate. ( especially the 560SEC and 560SL) Most of their fuel injection delivery  (FID) systems are old and tired and have not been properly maintained.

On Demand Video

1986 to 1991 R107 and W126 Fuel Delivery Overhaul Kit Installation Instructions - On Demand Video

Kent will show you how to do-it-yourself in your own 420SEL, 560SEL, 300SE, 300SEL, 560SEC and 560SL

In this 46 minute very detailed step-by-step video instruction, Kent will show you how to remove the fuel delivery system from your 1986 to 1991 420SEL, 300SE, 300SEL, 560SEL, 560SL, and 560SEC, take it over to your bench and take it all apart, install new pumps, filter, accumulator, and hoses, t


190E 300E 300SE 300TE 300SEL Main Fuel Filter w/ Instruction Manual

For all models with the M103 6 cylinder engine--- NOW SHIPPING HENGST BRAND Comes with complete installation manual on all fuel pump components

The large capacity fuel filter is designed to remove water and particulates from your fuel before it reaches critical engine injection components. When the filter starts to become plugged you may experience power loss at speed, engine stumbling, and hard starting.