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Mercedes Overvoltage Relay - On Demand Video

Solving Rough Idle and Low RPM at startup on a 1986 to 1993 CIS Engine - On Demand Video

Sometimes this can be fixed for very little work and money - but other times NOT..:-)

This is a common occurrence as these gas engines with Bosch C.I.S. fuel injection age. Most of them are now at least 20 + years old. The problem goes something like this. You start the engine cold and it will hardly run. It runs rough and idles very low and will even quit a few times.

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CIS Gas Fuel Injector Removal, Cleaning and Testing - On Demand Video Manual

How to know for sure how well your gas fuel injectors are performing (1976 to 1993 CIS ONLY)

If you think CIS fuel injectors can just be ignored, think again. Sure, your gas engine will continue to start and run “ok”, but you may find that it is not producing the power it once did nor the fuel mileage it once delivered.


CIS Gas Fuel Injector Spray Pattern Tester and Nozzle Cleaner

NEW VERSION 3 release.. See application notes below:

Works on all models from 1977 to 1993 with the Bosch C.I.S Fuel Injection system - see models listed below: Now you can do it yourself on the bench with this inexpensive tester- Save big $$.  Ever wonder how well your old CIS fuel injectors are working?


116 123 126 Chassis Fuel Tank Outlet Screen Removal Socket

WORKS ON FUEL TANK SENDING UNITS TOO! Machined short for easier access and a sharper edge for better grip.

FITS all 116 123 Diesel and Gasoline,  and 126 chassis from 1977 to 1985. Finally a socket to remove your fuel tank screen that really works. Most correct size sockets tend to be SO BIG that they require 3/4 inch drive ratchets and extensions to use them. Who has those in their tool box??


8mm ( 5/16 inch ) Fuel Hose End Pugs x 4

Use when disconnecting a fuel hose to prevent spillage on your engine or floor!

You would be amazed at how much fuel can leak out of a fuel hose when you disconnect it from your tank or engine. This is an easy way to prevent messy spills.


R107 Late 450SL 380S 560SLFuel Tank Outlet Hose

Original braided style hose - 16mm I.D. - 1977 to 1989 107 SL. Also fits late 1977 to 1980 450SE and 450SE as well as W123 280E and 280CE with 16mm hose.

Fuel hose as shown. Connects to bottom of fuel tank and drops down to fuel damper. 


Late R107 450SL W123 280E Factory O.E. FID T-Hose Assembly

This connects to the fuel accumulator located near the fuel pump and filter on some 1978 to 1980 models

This hose assembly was used on the fuel delivery systems in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Installed on some R107 450SL and 450SLC, W116 450SE / L  and 280SE, and the W123 280E and 280CE. Be sure to check your car before ordering to make certain this hose is installed.

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Step-by-step 1977 to 1980 CIS Fuel Delivery System Overhaul Instructions - On Demand Video

On the bench: Covers most 450SL 450SLC 450SEL 280SE 280E 280CE and 280TE 1977 to 1980

Kent will take you over to his workbench and completely take apart a rusty and old fuel delivery system from a 1980 450SL and put it all back together again with some shiney new paint and parts supplied in his special kit for these cars. This video runs for 24 minutes.


1986 to 1991 R107 and W126 V8 Fuel Injection Accumulator

Fits 420SEL 560SEL 560SEC and 560SL - also fits 6 cylinder M104 CIS engines 1990 to 1993 (300CE and 300SL)

Brand new aftermarket fuel accumulator for the 1986 to 1991 V8 engines. It is mounted near the fuel filter under the back end of the car and hardly ever gets replaced. What does it do and how do you know if it is bad.


1976 to 1985 R107 W116 W126 Fuel Injection Accumulator

SINGLE HOLE ACCUMULATOR: Fits some 450SL 380SL 450SE 450SEL 380SEL 500SEL 500SEC

Brand new aftermarket fuel accumulator for the 1976 to 1985 V8 engines. It is mounted near the fuel filter under the back end of the car and hardly ever gets replaced. What does it do and how do you know if it is bad. Watch the video below and Kent will explain.

On Demand Video

1986 to 1991 R107 and W126 Fuel Delivery Overhaul Kit Installation Instructions - On Demand Video

Kent will show you how to do-it-yourself in your own 420SEL, 560SEL, 300SE, 300SEL, 560SEC and 560SL

In this 46 minute very detailed step-by-step video instruction, Kent will show you how to remove the fuel delivery system from your 1986 to 1991 420SEL, 300SE, 300SEL, 560SEL, 560SL, and 560SEC, take it over to your bench and take it all apart, install new pumps, filter, accumulator, and hoses, t


1986 to 1991 R107 and W126 V8 Twin Pump Fuel Delivery Overhaul Kit

For 420SEL, 560SEL, 560SEC and 560SL - Complete Kit with detailed video DIY instructions

Many of these particular big V8 models are now becoming true collector cars and going up in value at a steady rate. ( especially the 560SEC and 560SL) Most of their fuel injection delivery  (FID) systems are old and tired and have not been properly maintained.


1978 to 1985 Bosch Gasoline Fuel Pump Protection Pre-filter

Prevents #1 cause of fuel pump failure - contamination! Install inline into main 14mm ID fuel tank outlet hose

Install this steel 10-micron filter in your fuel tank outlet hose to protect your fuel pump. Clamps provided along with a pull to plug the fuel hose temporarily to reduce fuel spills. 


1981 to 1985 380SL R107 Fuel Delivery Overhaul Kit with Free Video Instructions

ALSO FITS 1981 to 1985 380SE and SEL Almost all 380s need this badly due to age and neglect. Rotten hoses are often overlooked. Weak pumps and plugged filters cause all sorts of engine performance problems.

All 380SL, 380SE, and 380SEL owners take note. Even if you acquire a nice 380 like Kent's Cherry you are going to need some or all of these components ( unless of course it was recently done by a competent mechanic ).

On Demand Video

1972 to 1975 R107 350SL 450SL EFI Fuel Pump Conversion Instructions - On Demand Video

Kent will show you how to use his pump conversion kit to build and install one in your own early R107 SL

This highly detailed 24-minute DIY video instruction will show you how to do the following on your EFI R107: Inspect the rear hoses for fuel leaks, drain the fuel out of your fuel tank, take the fuel pump and filter assembly apa


1972 to 1975 R107 350SL 450SL Complete Fuel Pump Conversion Kit

This conversion kit offers a replacement Bosch fuel pump with correct fuel pressure, new filter, all new hoses and clamps, extras as noted and full detailed video instructions by Kent

SSince new original style pumps are no longer made, this is the best way to finally fix your old fuel pump leaks and poor performance.

On Demand Video

Fuel Tank Level Sending Unit Service Kit Update - On Demand Video

For using Kent's service kit to clean the old style fuel tank sending unit. Used in congestion with original video instructions

This on-demand instructional video was filmed to go with Kent's new fuel tank sending unit service kit launched in June of 2020. This is not a complete video on the subject of fuel level sending units. For the complete video see related products below.


Fuel Tank Level Sending Unit Service Kit w/ 2 Instructional Videos

Most models 1968 to 1995 with tubular sending unit inside the fuel tank.

If your fuel gauge stops working or is not reading accurately, many times it can be repaired by removing it from the fuel tank, taking it apart and giving it a good internal cleaning of the contact points, float shaft, and wires.


Late R107 Fuel Filter - German Made

We will ship either Mahle or Hengst Brand depending on availability. Fits all 380SL, 500SL, and 560SL from 1981 to 1989

High-quality fuel filter for your later model R107 SL. With the right tools and knowledge, you may not need to drain your fuel tank to replace this filter ( replacement should be every 30,000 miles for peak performance. Watch Kent's video below for installation tips. 

On Demand Video

How to Safely Drain the Gas Out of a W116, R107, W126, W201 and W124 - On-Demand Video

R107 example shown here but principles and procedures are universal to the above gasoline Mercedes from 1973 to 1995.

In this video, Kent will show you how to safely and cleanly remove the fuel from the tank on your older Benz. You will need to drain the fuel anytime you replace the back end hoses, the tank filter screen, the fuel pump or the fuel filter.

On Demand Video

R107 Fuel Tank Filter Screen Removal and Installation - On Demand Video

Detailed video procedure using Kent's custom tank screen removal tool.

Video instructions that come free of charge with the purchase of Kent's special tool to remove 107 fuel tank screens. This video will NOT be of much help if you do not purchase the tool, but it is being offered for anyone who would like to view it regardless. Total run time: 


R107 Fuel Tank Filter Screen Custom Removal Tool

New OE filter and video instructions included. NOT all screens are easily removed with this tool. Some may require extra work. Read more below

Over the past 15 years, we have been receiving increasing requests from customers asking for help with removing the fuel tank filter screen from their 450SL, 380SL, 500SL or 560SL (the same issue also applies to all SLC coupes).


Bosch D-JETRONIC Fuel Pump Outer Reseal Kit

For original fuel pumps on many 1969 to 1975 D-jet fuel injected cars ( Mercedes, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Etc.) - Study the picture below carefully to make sure you have a match!

Kent has sourced 2 special Viton o-rings for the outer pump housing on these early djetronic Bosch electric fuel pumps. There are two orings that harden with age causing the pump to leak fuel at the outer end of the pump.


CIS Gas Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing Conversion Add-On Kit

You MUST HAVE a version 3 pressure tester ( either diesel or MFI) to make this kit work on most 1977 to 1993 Bosch Mechanical ( NOT ELECTRIC) fuel injectors

We know that many of you own multiple Mercedes, including both gas and diesel models. If you own one of Kent’s fuel injector pressure testers you no doubt will want to test all your applicable mechanical fuel injectors in both types of older engines.

On Demand Video

CIS Gas Fuel Injector Tester Setup and Operation - On Demand Video

Introduction to Version 3 of Kent's popular testing explaining the upgrades and how they are used.

In this short video, Kent will give you an overview on setting up and using Version 3 of his bench mount CIS gasoline injector pressure tester.

On Demand Video

Early Gas Engine Fuel Injector Back Flush Cleaning Instructions - On Demand Video

Video is free with purchase our DIY backlash cleaning kit - works on mechanical gas injectors from the late 50's to early 90's

This 24 minute on demand training video comes with our injector back flush cleaning kit. You can purchase this video separately, but please keep in mind you will not have any of the tools or supplies to complete this procedure yourself.


Early Gas Engine Fuel Injector Back Flush Cleaning Kit

Works on Bosch MFI and CIS mechanical fuel injectors from the late 1950's to early 1990's. Will NOT work on electrically operated fuel injectors.

With these old gas fuel injectors, sometimes you just have to "back flush" the insides to restore them to peak performance. There is no guarantee that back flush cleaning will restore every old gasoline mechanical fuel injector. Some are just plain worn out.


Best Grabbing and Clamping Hand Tool Set in The World - Kent’s Collection

3 super custom tools that you will not find anywhere else in the world. All designed by Kent Bergsma

This is a collection of SPECIAL tools Kent has put together to help you grab, twist, and pull on things in and around your Mercedes.  He makes each one of these tools right here in his shop.


1976 to 1980 C.I.S. 107 123 All 116 Gas Engine Fuel Filter

For above chassis only 6 and 8 cylinder gas engine 1976 to 1980 - not for electronic fuel injection (D-jetronic)

New Bosch fuel filter as shown. Before ordering please make certain that this fits your Benz. Not all gas fuel filters are created equal.


190E 300E 300SE 300TE 300SEL Main Fuel Filter w/ Instruction Manual

For all models with the M103 6 cylinder engine--- NOW SHIPPING HENGST BRAND Comes with complete installation manual on all fuel pump components

The large capacity fuel filter is designed to remove water and particulates from your fuel before it reaches critical engine injection components. When the filter starts to become plugged you may experience power loss at speed, engine stumbling, and hard starting.


190E 300E 300SE 300SEL Main Fuel Filter - German Made

For all models with the 6 cylinder M103 engine. --- NOW SHIPPING HENGST BRAND Fits most gas models from mid to late 1980s up through mid 1990s

The large capacity fuel filter is designed to remove water and particulates from your fuel before it reaches critical engine injection components. When the filter starts to become plugged you may experience power loss at speed, engine stumbling, and hard starting.

German hose clamps set 12

Super Fuel Hose Clamp Kit (12) - German Made - High Torque

Non Cutting and smooth tightening clamps

These are my favorite German hose clamps. They tighten securely, dont cut into the hose, and don't rust or break. If you are working on the fuel system of any Mercedes I recommend you have these clamps on had.

Gas and Diesel Fuel Hose Clamp Off Tools

Gas and Diesel Fuel Hose Clamp Off Tools


Applies to all Mercedes: Pre 1960, 190SL, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 108, 109, 107, 116, 123, 126, 201 and 124 chassis. If you ever need to replace a fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, or fuel hose and don't want the fuel running down your arm here is the tool and will save the day!