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W201 190D 2.2 Engine Breather Tube and Seal

NLA - Only fits early 190D four cylinder. Check picture carefully for match! Kent found one is his old stash of parts!

BRAND NEW OE breather parts as shown. Make sure these match the ones on your W201 190D before ordering. Includes breather tube and new valve cover seal.


Later M104 6 Cylinder Valve Cover Complete Seal Kit

Only works on later models with valve cover as shown - study picture carefully

This gasket set includes the complete valve cover rubber seals as well as the 12 rubber seals for the bolts. If you are going to change the valve cover gasket you will need to replace the bolt seals as well or you will regret it!

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M104 6 Cyl. Engine Valve Cover Gasket and Spark Plug Replacement - On Demand Video

Learn to do it the right way to avoid future leaks and striped out threads in your head

In this video instruction Kent will walk you through the steps of how to successfully replace a leaking valve cover gasket on an M104 straight 6 gas engine. Special emphasis will be placed on proper preparation and cleaning, thread inspection and proper torquing sequence.


M103 6 Cylinder Gas Engine Fuel Injector Holder Rubber Seals

For all single camshaft 6 cylinder 260E, 300E, 300TE, 300CE , 190E 2.6, from 1986 to 1992

For these old 6 cylinder gas engines of the late 80's and early 90's Kent feels this part along with the injector o-ring seals could be one of the most overlooked maintenance items on these engines.


M103 6 Cylinder Gas Engine Fuel Injector O-ring Seals

For all single camshaft 6 cylinder 260E, 300E, 300TE, 300CE , 190E 2.6, 300SE, 300SEL from 1986 to 1992

For these old 6 cylinder gas engines of the late 80's and early 90's Kent feels injector seals are one of the most overlooked maintenance items on these engines.


M130 M180 Special Valve Adjustment 17mm Socket Wrench

Adjusts valves on Early 4 and 6 Cylinder Gas Overhead Single Camshaft Engines - Check the nut size of your adjusters BEFORE ORDERING - 17mm. DOES NOT work on 350 and 450 V8 engines.

We have been looking for a long time to find a super strong and well made tool to adjust those tough 17 mm ball adjuster sockets on the early 4 and 6 clyinder gas engines.


M112 V6 M113 V8 Fleece Engine Oil Filter Replacement Kit

For 1998 to 2005 C320 E320 E430 E500 CL500 CLK320 CLK500 S430 S500 ML320 ML500

Oil filter changes are important, but I believe on these high interval oil change schedules that changing the oil fitler can be just as important! Use the wrong filter and the engine can suffer serious damage.


M112 V6 Engine Accessory Drive Belt 100K Service Kit

Applies to most V6 engines from 1998 to 2003 - This is a must do service! High quality Bosch Serpentine belt included.

For E320, ML320, C240, C280 and C320. Every M112 V6 I have worked on starts making front engine bearing noise around 90K to 100K. Almost like clockwork! This is a service you will want to perform whether you have had your Benz for a long time or just purchased one.


1977 to 1985 Diesel Fuel Shut Off Inspection and Switch Protection Filter

Includes installed vacuum hose as shown (see video for installation instructions)

Connect this small filter with attached hoses to the back of the injection pump and to the brown plastic vacuum line going to your ignition switch under the dash. The filter will do two things. 1. Help to trap oil coming out of a leaking shutoff valve before it gets to your ignition switch. 2.


617 Turbo Diesel Engine Timing Device Complete - USED

For 1981 to 1985 5 cylinder turbo diesel engines. LAST ONE AVAILABLE

Excellent used injection pump timing device, good sprocket teeth, good drive splines and gears, good springs and good vacuum pump cam plate. 


O617 Turbo Diesel Turbocharger Oil Drain to Pan Tube - USED

Fits all 5 cylinder turbo engines 300D 300TD 300CD 300SD 1978 to 1984

Good used straight tubing as shown. NO DENTS! The OLD Seals and o-rings may or may NOT be included.  You will need to order new seals if you don't already have them. See related products below.


Set of 4 Fan Clutch Short Bolts - USED

For all 5 cylinder diesel engines with viscous fan clutch to water pump 1975 t0 1985

This is a very good set of four used special bolts that have good undamaged hex heads.

On Demand Video

Super Extreme Engine Compartment Detailing - On Demand Video

This is over the top detailing. Watch Kent perform magic on his 560SEC engine compartment. 45 minute long instructional video

Want to try to make your car's engine and engine compartment look like it just came off the showroom? Would you like detailed information on the chemicals, brushes, tools, and procedures Kent uses to get his engine compartments looking so nice?

On Demand Video

Solving Early 6 Cylinder Gas Engine Valve Adjustment Problems - On Demand Video

Tools and tips needed when adjusting the valves on 1955 to 1972 single overhead cam engines

Valve adjustment is often neglected on many of the mid 1950's to early 1970's 6 cylinder single overhead camshaft gas engines.  If it has been years since any adjustment was made, there will be problems - Kent can guarantee it!!!


Lubro Moly Diesel Hi Test Fuel Additive

Lubro Moly Diesel hi test fuel additive that does far more than just add lubrication to the fuel. Formulated for the new low sulfur diesel fuel. Contains an additive against injection pump and injector wear.


Pre-Glow Systems Tips, Quick Tests and Upgrades - All Diesels 1960 to 1993 Download

Manual by Kent Bergsma: Book 5 of a 5 Book series

During his years of working on diesel engines, Kent has learned a few things about glow plugs. Some he learned the easy way and others he learned by “pain and suffering.” If misunderstood or improperly maintained, glow plugs can be the “achilles heal” of a diesel.


Pre-Glow Parallel Systems Testing 1978 to 1993 by Kent Bergsma - Download

Manual by Kent Bergsma: Book 2 of a 5 Book series

This book explains how a parallel pre-glow system works and how to properly test it using inexpensive electrical testing equipment. If your PENCIL style glow plugs are not working properly, you need to find the cause BEFORE you start buying parts.


Diesel Pre-Glow Series System Testing 1960 to 1979 by Kent Bergsma - Downlaoad

Manual by Kent Bergsma: Book 1 of a 5 book series

Book 1 explains how a series pre-glow system works and how to properly test it using inexpensive electrical testing equipment. If your glow plugs are not working you need to find the cause BEFORE you start buying parts. This is something you can do yourself.

On Demand Video
Removing the Cylinder Head to Diagnosis an Overheating Diesel - On Demand Video

Part 2: Diesel Buyer Beware - Cylinder Head Gasket Failure and Removal Woes - On Demand Video

Is it really only "just a head gasket?" Kent will remove a cylinder head to illustrate the myth.

When an engine is both overheating and losing coolant, you first want to exhaust all possibilities that the cause is something simple or inexpensive to repair. It is possible it might just be a stuck thermostat with a faulty water pump leaking coolant at the same time.

On Demand Video
W220 S500 Air Filter Replacement - On Demand Video Instructions

W220 S500 Air Filter Replacement - On Demand Video

Often neglected job that you can do yourself - but you must be careful!!!

In this video Kent will go through the process step-by-step of properly installing new air filters in your 500 series larger V8 models produced after 2000. If not done properly you can damage the engine cover and possibly the engine itself.


617 Turbo Diesel Oil Pump ( Used )

Excellent condition. Fits 1978 to 1985 300SD and 1981 to 1985 TURBO 300D 300CD and 300TD - only one available

Please note:  Does not include sprocket.  The pump has been taken apart and inspected. No excessive tooth scoring. Bolts are loose. The pump will need to be cleaned - oiled and reassembled before installation. Excellent used condition.


Why Does My Diesel Engine Run So Badly? by Kent Bergsma - Download

Diagnosing poor power, horrible fuel economy, rough running and excess exhaust smoke

Running badly means poor performance. It happens sooner or later to EVERY diesel owner. The word "performance" is often used to describe how well a diesel engine runs once started. The principles discussed will cover all Mercedes diesels from the mid 1950s to the mid 1990s.


617 Turbo Diesel V-Belt Replacement and Accessory Inspection Manual By Kent Bergsma - Download

Not as easy as you might think, but definitely a job you can do yourself if you know how.

Changing the V-belts on your older 5 cylinder turbo diesel engine can be a pain. If you have not done it before it can be a REAL pain that leaves you confused and frustrated. In some cases it is possible to damage or break critical adjusting mechanisms if not done properly.


Diesel Oil Cooler Hose Replacement Instructions By Kent Bergsma - Download

Read and decide if this is a job you want to tackle yourself.

If you have a W116 or W126 300SD or a turbo 1981 to 1985 5 cylinder W123 Diesel you must pay attention to your oil cooler hoses. If one of these hoses fail you will destroy the engine unless you are in the habit of looking at your oil pressure gauge every 5 minutes while driving.


Diesel Engine Fluid Leak Diagnostic Guide - Download

Covers finding the sources of your leaks - NOT how to repair them.

In a perfect world your diesel would not leak a drop of fluid. Unfortunately, with the age of your vehicle, it may not be economically possible to eliminate every leak. Sometimes you may just have to live with some leaks.


103 Engine 6 Cylinder Power Tuning Guide By Kent Bergsma - Download

Repair Guide for the Following Models: 190E 2.6, 260E, 300E, 300CE, 300TD, 300SEL 1986 - 1992

Fits the following, 201, 124, and 126 chassis with 6 cylinder single cam gas engine. In my opinion, the 103 6 cylinder gas engine (built from 1986 to 1993) is one of the best engines Mercedes has ever built.


Very High Temp Engine Sealing Compound

Elring Dirko brand Permanently Elastic; 85g Tube - Rated to 600 F

Dirko sealing compound is permanently elastic, cold vulcanizing, silicone-rubber based. Can be used for connecting joints, cylinder head, crankcase, oil sump, timing case, thermostat, water pump, transmission, axles, differential, radiator, chassis.


115 116 123 126 201 124 Diesel HEAVY DUTY Rubber Exhaust Hangers x 4

NEW DESIGN - Best exhaust hangers for rattle prevention - and they stay on!

Fits all DIESEL ENGINE exhaust systems for 115, 116, 123, 126, 124 and 201 chassis from 1968 to 1995. If you are looking for a more robust exhaust hanger this is it! It is a stronger and more secure exhaust hanger than the standard round rubber type.


Late 60x (602 and 603) Diesel Prechamber Collar Nut Socket

Special Splined Socket

This is a special pre-chamber collar nut removal socket ONLY that works on the diesel engines in the 1990 to 1991 350SD 350SDL (126 chassis), 1990 to 1993 300D 2.5 (124 chassis), and 1992 to 1995 300SD / S350 (140 chassis).


1990 to 1995 60x OM(602 and OM603) Diesel Prechamber Removal Special Fitting for Slide Hammer

Slide hammer not included. Can be purchased below with a slide hammer if you don't already have one.

 This is a special pre-chamber threaded fitting that you can attach to YOUR slide hammer  to remove the pre chamber on 1990 to 1991 350SD 350SDL (126 chassis), 1990 to 1993 300D 2.5 (124 chassis), and 1992 to 1995 300SD / S350 (140 chassis).  You will need to own or purchase a 5 lb slide hammer a


116 123 Turbo Alternator belts - Set of (2)

Fits turbo diesel 1978 to 1980 300SD and 1981 to 1985 300DT, 300CDT, 300TDT (Turbo Models Only)

Brand new set of (2) Contitech Alternator Belts. Fits models listed above.

Currently out of stock.

Click-Stop 3/8 Inch Drive Long-Handle Torque Wrench and Case

Perfect size for torquing spark plugs and other important engine components.

This is a very handy smaller torque wrench to have in your toolbox. Perfect for spark plugs. It will do fuel injectors but is not quite big enough to torque wheel lug bolts. Range is 5 to 80-foot pounds. The case will be black rather than red.


Engine Crank Rotation Adjustable Length 1/2 Inch Drive Ratchet Wrench

Rotate Engines on 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 300SDL and all V8's from 1970 to 1991 - Extends to 18 inches long!

This is Kents new favorite ratchet wrench for turning engines over during service and repair. There are a number of maintenance procedures that require you rotate the engine over by hand.


Axle Shaft Seal

Final drive seal (45 x 65 x 11mm)

Fits Mercedes Benz:


Early Diesel Pre Chamber Removal Threaded Tool (up through 1987 models only)

A slide hammer is required. A collar nut tool is required. See the full explanation below

If you already have or are willing to buy a 5 pound slide hammer this special threaded fitting will allow you to PULL the pre-chamber from the cylinder head once you have removed the collar nut and the glow plug ( a collar nut removal tool is required look below to learn more).


617 Diesel Flywheel Flex Plate Hold Down Ring - USED

For OM 617 non turbo and turbo in 1977 to 1985 300D 300CD 300TD and 300SD

Good used ring for flywheel bolts as shown. These often get damaged with you have to cut one of your flywheel bolt heads off.