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W123 Dash Light Dimmer Switch Like New

Fits all 123 1977 to 1985 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 280E 280CE - LAST ONE WE HAVE!

This potentiometer for controlling the dash lights was recently removed from a 300D. It is obvious from the condition that it is a recent replacement. Can not be sure how old it is, but it has excellent spring and rod movement and no corrosion.  NO LONGER AVAILABLE NEW.

Currently out of stock.

Grab Bag of Misc. Automotive Wire - Removed from Cars

Consists of 5 different pieces of wire - different sizes, lengths and colors

Ever just need a small piece of good auto wire to make a repair - then run to hardware store to discover they only have lighting cord wire or you have to buy a big roll.  This bag of 5 longer pieces of wire consists of different wire gauge and color. Lengths vary. All wire was removed from cars.

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Waking Up an Old Benz That Has Sat for Years Part 2 - On Demand Video

After getting the engine running what's next?

When an old Mercedes ( or any other car for that matter ) has sat idle for over a year it can be a challenge to get it safely back on the road again. If it has sat idle for more than 5 years you may find it difficult to even get the engine running.

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Late 123 107 126 Monovalve Heater Switch Valve Solenoid Used

Fits 1981 to 1991 models of the above chassis ONLY

For heat control on 123 300D 300CD 300DD 126 300SD 300SDL 107 380SL 560SL 1981-1991. Good used mono-valve switch solenoid. When this goes bad the valve will not operate and if it shorts and gets overheated then a new valve will not fit into the solenoid housing.

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Early W220 Engine Fan Motor Replacement Instructions - On Demand Video

Applies to 2000 and 2001 S500 and S430 sedans only

If you want to fix the engine fan motor or reduce the bearing noise coming from it, then this is how you can do it for a little over $200. You don't need to replace the entire engine fan assembly and you DON't have to resort to buying a used one off of eBay!


W126 300SD Electric Aux Fan and Horns ( Used )

For 1981 to 1985 126 300SD with the smaller diameter fan

Good smooth working fan with good working horns included. I have a couple of these so you may not receive the exact one as pictured. The color of bars/horns may be different. 

Currently out of stock.

Late W123 and W126 Cigarette Lighter - USED

Fits 1981 to 1991 W123 and W126 - may fit others with similar design

Cosmetic replacement. Very nice looking cigarette light, but I have not tested so can not confirm if it works or not. I may work fine but can not guarantee. Priced accordingly. Not returnable. 

Currently out of stock.

1973 to 1979 Power Sunroof Motor - Used

Used on W116, W114 sedans, W115 sedans and early W123 sedans to 1979

Good used working (tested) sunroof motor and rubber drive bushing as shown. 


W123 All Models Fuse Box Cover Lid Complete - USED

Super nice condition - no cracks or chips and good seal. all 123 1977 to 1985

Good used cover as shown. No breaks along the outer edge. Good gasket and thumb screws. Fuse box chart inside is for a diesel model is still in good condition ( not bent, not curled, very readable and clean. Getting very hard to find them this nice anymore.

Currently out of stock.

W123 Right Passenger Side Front Marker Turn Signal Lens - USED

LIKE NEW! Recent replacement. Fits all 123 chassis 1977 to 1985

This has got to be one of the best used right side turn signal lenses Kent has seen in a while. It has been on a car but not very long. Absolutely no fading, no crazing, no cracks or chips and both back tabs are it place. See how bright the color is in the pictures.

Frosted bulbs small

Small Frosted Light Bulb Set of 6

These small frosted light bulbs are 1.2 watts.

They fit applications where you want a dimmer light ie, heater control knob 240D and some other center dash lights.

single element bulb

Universal Single Element Light Bulb Set of 6

This bulb is a single element bulb that is used in the brake light, rear turn signal and your rear back up lens.

It's a very universal bulb. Fits mid 60s to 90s Mercedes.

Small clear dash lights

1.2 Watt Clear Dash Light Bulb Set of 6

These dash light bulbs are small in size.

They fit a number of dash light applications behind your instrument cluster and in your center dash console.

dome and trunk lite bulb

Dome and Trunk Light Bulb Set of 6

This bulb is 1 5/8 inch long.

These bulbs dont neccessarily fit all models. Some applications require smaller bulbs, please measure your bulb before ordering this 6 pak.


Zip Tie / Tie Wrap 3M Sticky Mounts and Ties

Hold loose wires, hoses, etc in place with ease and flexibility

These are amazing. If you have not tried them before Kent highly recommends you do. Can be used around the shop, on the car, or in the home (keeping computer cables off the floor no less!). This kit contains 12 3M brand stickies with 12 medium length tie wraps.


Early 1960's W108 W111 W112 3-wire Sunroof Motor and Drive Assembly

Fits a number of different models. The mounting plate may have to be changed but motor and drive are same for all

Good working tested unit as shown. I believe the mounting plate is for an early W108 or W109. For this to fit your car make sure you have three wires going to the unit. A brown wire will be attached to the bracket. Drive will need to be opened up and lubricated before installation.


R107 450SL Aux. Electric Fan and Mounting Bars - USED

Removed from a 1980 450SL - bars may fit ther models with the same design. Fan itself fits multiple models even outside the R107

Hard to find an original O.E. in this good of condition. Very smooth running fan and nice bars. 

Currently out of stock.

W123 Original Becker Europa Radio With Casette

Not working. Came in many 123 models from 1980 to 1985.

This was removed from a 1981 240D. It is in good cosmetic condition but does not power up. We do not know what the problem is, but you can send these radios into Becker U.S.A. ( just google) for repair. These are getting harder to find each year. 


1978 to 1980 W116 300SD O. E. Power Antenna - Used

Fits all late model 116 sedans - runs but does not move mast up and down

Only one available. Appears to have been a newer replacement. Unusually clean inside. Runs inside but does not stop or raise the mast.

Currently out of stock.

Late W123 Early W126 Sunroof Motor - USED

Fits 1981 to 1985 sedans and coupes with standard non-tilting sunroof

Good used working sunroof motor as shown. Does not come mounting bracket or clutch locking nut.


1977 to 1979 240D COMPLETE Wiring Harness - USED

You may not need all of this but wow! Where would you find one without a lot of work

Very nice and carefully removed wiring harness from an early W123 240D. Not 100 percent sure it is all there but sure looks like it with all the plugs intact and nothing cut. You may not need all of this but if you just need some sections for a 77 to 79 240D it is worth having this on hand.


Late 123 Engine Instrument Cluster - Used

Fits late W123 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 1981 to 1985 - see picture of back side to make sure it is a match to yours.

ONLY ONE AVAILABLE. These are becoming very difficult to find in this condition. Many are leaking or weeping engine oil. Very good cosmetic condition as well.


116 Chassis US Headlight Wiring Plugs Used

Fits All 280S 280SE 350SE 450SE 450SEL 300SD 6.9

Good used headlight plugs. Excellent contacts but main wire has been cut and will need splicing with butt connectors.

Currently out of stock.

W126 300SD Wiper Arm Drive and Motor Assembly Complete ( Used )

Fits 1981 to 1985 300SD 380SE 380SEL 500SEL - Only one available

No expedited shipping. Must be removed from car. Expect 3 to 5 day delay to ship. Good used working and tight wiper drive assembly as shown. Included good electric motor. This is a common wear out item on the 126 chassis.


Rear Window Defroster Switch

Fits all 123 126 Chassis 1977 to 1991

Rear window defroster no longer working? It just may be something as simple as this dash switch. Brand new.

Currently out of stock.

617 Turbo Diesel Rebuilt Alternator - NO Core Charge - Yeah!

Fits 1978 to 1985 5 Cylinder Turbo Diesels only 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD

Rebuilt 65 amp alternator without pulley. Includes fan and voltage regulator. You will need to install the pulley from your existing alternator. No Core charge. No hassle trying to have to ship back your old one.