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Diesel Purge Injection System Cleaner H. D.

Diesel Purge Injection System Cleaner kit with Instructions

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Can only be shipped UPS GROUND. NO INTERNATIONAL. Extra packaging charges may apply. It some cases it may be shipped in its own box depending on the size of your order and the other products included.


Early 300D 300CD 300TD Non-Turbo Glow Relay Manual Override Kit w/ Upgrade Plugs

1975 to 1979 5 cylinder non-turbo models - PDF Digital Instructions included!

Fits the Following, 1975 to 1976 ONLY 115 chassis 300D and 123 chassis 300D 300CD and 300TD from 1977 to 1979 with series style loop glow plugs. SVO / WVO applicable. If you are tired of glow plug problems, then this kit is made for you.


124 Heater and A/C Motor Repair Kit with Brushes

Includes 124 Heater and A/C Motor Repair Manual by Kent Bergsma

For all Mercedes 124 chassis cars from 1986 to 1993. This includes the 260E, 300E, 300D, 300CE, 300TE, and 400E. This is the repair kit you 124 owners have been waiting for.

Currently out of stock.

Diesel Fuel Injector Tuning Manual and Top Brass Tool Kit - Combo Special

Best tool kit to take apart and clean old fuel injectors. You might actually get them to spray well again without buying replacements

 Keeping your injectors clean and tuned is one of the best ways you can improve mileage in a diesel. Buy both Kents new manual Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing Procedures and his Top Brass Custom Cleaning Tool Kit and save!


Anodized Aluminum Window Trim Polish Restoration Kit

Bring that new car shine back to most milky and spotted window trim with Miracle Paste! A power tool is required.

Mercedes 114, 115, 107, 116, 123, 126, 124, and 201 chassis window trim has a super strong anodized coating that is impervious to hand polishing but still can oxidize when exposed to harsh environmental elements. When this happens the trim becomes spotted and milky in color and it is NOT pretty!


Complete Pressure Brake Bleeding and Flushing Kit w/ Instructions

For use on most Mercedes from 1968 to 2004(6) See List - UPS Ground Shipping ONLY! - 25 minute Video instructions now included

For use on most Mercedes from 1969 to 2006 (see exceptions below)- UPS Ground Shipping ONLY! Buy the complete kit and save $$. This is almost everything you need to do a fast, clean and efficient brake fluid flush on your older Mercedes Benz passenger car.

Currently out of stock.

123 Chassis 5 Cylinder Non Turbo Diesel Motor Mount Kit

NON TURBO MOTOR MOUNT KIT FITS THE FOLLOWING: 123 chassis 300D 300CD 300TD with 5 cylinder NON Turbo engines, from 1977 to 1981. Have you noticed your Mercedes diesel sedan is recently shaking more at idle. Maybe you are noticing new vibrations that were not there before.


617 Diesel Garrett T3 Turbocharger 200K High Performance Overhaul Kit

For 5 cylinder Garrett turbos on 300SD 300D 300CD and 300TD 1978 to 1985

For 5 cylinder Garrett turbos on 300SD 300D 300CD and 300TD 1978 to 1985. Buy the complete kit and save! If your Garrett T3 turbo has over 200K Kent highly recommends you plan on doing the complete overhaul.


Late 126 Chassis Rear Subframe Mount Kit

Fits 420SEL 300SDL 300SE 300SEL 350SD 350SDL 560SEC 560SEL

Brand new rear Subframe mount kit made by Meyle, for 126 Chassis from 1986 to 1991, models listed above. No detailed instructions but here are some installation tips.


126 Chassis Rear Subframe Mount Kit w/ Instructions

Early 126 Chassis Gasoline and Diesel models ONLY - up to 1985 ONLY

New Meyle heavy duty subframe mounts will eliminate rear-end wiggle and sway typical on these older chassis. No specific instructions are included but we do offer these tips for successful installation. A small tube of silicone grease and brush applicator are included at no extra charge.

123 rear subframe mount kit

123 Chassis Coupe Sedan Rear Subframe Mount kit with Instructions

All 300D 300CD 280E 280CE 1977 to 1985 - 240D vin specific see below - 300TD wagon see notes at bottom of page

Rear Subframe Mount Kit with rubber bushings for both sides complete with mounting hardware as shown. If your Mercedes rear-end is moving around, out of alignment, or sagging slightly, then your forward trailing arm attach point rubber mounts ( bushing )may be worn out or collapsed.


123 116 126 Diesel Fuel Tank Screen Removal and Replacement Kit


Fits all 116 diesel 300SD, and 123 240D 300D and 300CD and all 126 chassis diesels 300SD 300SDL 350SD/L. 1977 to 1991 (Does not fit wagons!). Wiill NOT work on 107 chassis. Receive a Related Bonus-Product FREE!


Alloy Wheel Paint Restoration Kit - UPS GROUND ONLY!

Now with paint masking dam INCLUDED! One of the best cosmetic improvements you can make on your old Benz! w/ video Instructions

Can be successfully applied to all Mercedes Alloy (non chrome) Silver Wheels from 1970 to 1995. 108, 109, 107, 114, 115, 116, 123, 201, 126 and 124 chassis. Most of us have to admit that stained and peeling paint on Mercedes alloy wheels is ugly on any model.

Early 107 and All 116 Chassis Driveline Center Support Overhaul Kit

Early 107 and All 116 Chassis Driveline Center Support Overhaul Kit

For 1973 to 1985 280S 280SE 300SD 350SE 450SE 450SEL 450SL 450SLC 380SL 380SLC

I have been discovering this is one of those maintenance areas that suffers from severe neglect. Failure of the rubber support or center drive shaft bearing can cause all types of improperly diagnosed vibration problems - some commonly change with vehicle speed.


M113 V8 Complete Valve Cover Oil Leak Repair Kit w/ Video Instructions.

For all 1998 to 2006 M113 engines. These engines are now 20+ years old, making VC oil leaks a very common issue, and most shops don't fix them to last.

Kent, as well as others, have seen valve cover leaks return within a few years after resealing. Some feel this may be a design flaw, but I contend the job was never done right in the first place. Let Kent explain why the leaks come back...


R230 SL500 Rear Strut Easy Access Trunk Modification Kit

Applies to 2002 to 2006 R230 SL 500 with ABC suspension- After watching all the videos and reading forums, I bet you never thought it would be this easy!

Are you replacing the rear struts in your ABC SL500? Are you planning to do a coil-over conversion?


2003 to 2006 SL500 ABC to Coil-Over Conversion Replacement Power Steering Pump

When doing a coil over conversion do not leave the original pump and hydraulic lines in place as some suggest. You are only asking for future problems Worry in the background will not be eliminated!

I know that many including some coil-over sellers, recommend just leaving the original pump and hoses in place and plug them where they attach to the four struts, but I can almost guarantee you will have problems in the future, either with a noisy failing pump, leaking hydraulics, or a possible p


560SL 560SEC 560SEL Ignition Tune-Up Kit

O.E. Bosch Cap + Rotor (Bremi or Bosch) + Full set of Bremi Wires + Dielectric Silicon Grease

We know you want the best for your 560 engine. These ARE the best tune-up parts you can buy. To add new spark plugs see related products below:


W111 W113 W108 Fuel Injected 6-Cylinder Engine Fluid Filter Kit

2 oil filters and a fuel filter complete with o-rings and sealing washers. Free on-demand video installation instructions included.

These are high quality German brand filters. Since mose of these cars are not driven regularly Kent recommends an oil change every 5000 miles or 2 years whichever comes first ( using quality oil) and a fuel fitler change every 10,000 miles or 2 years whichever comes


Bosch D-Jetronic Fuel Injector Service Kit

You will need this if you plan to remove and test or replace the EFI fuel injectors in your 1970 to 1975 Mercedes

This is the most complete 1970 to 1975 V8 injector repair kit you can find anywhere.


Bosch D-Jetronic Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning FULL Kit

This includes the required pressure tank for accurate testing. For 1970 to 1975, D-jet electronic fuel injectors - Ready to clean and test your injectors?

This will give you everything you will need ( except 12-volt power and cleaning fluid ) to bench clean and test your D-jetronic fuel injectors in your own garage or workshop once they are removed from the engine.


OM617 Turbo Diesel Engine Front Crank Seal Replacement COMBINATON Kit

Save $20! Includes the seal install kit plus the two pullers you will need to complete this job successfully. For all 5-cylinder turbo engines 1978 to 1985

Includes Kent's four detailed videos on every aspect of this job! This is our combination kit for DIY installation of a new front crank seal in an OM617 turbo diesel engine. Price if purchased individually is $174.00.


Bosch D-Jectronic Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning PARTIAL Kit

For 1970 to 1975, electronic fuel injectors. A pressure tank is required. See notes below. Full kit is available if desired.

With the required pressure tank you will be able to individually test and clean our D-jet fuel injectors. Along with a 12-volt power source, you will need I gallon of cleaning fluid as described in the instructions.


1977 to 1983 280E 280CE 280TE 280SE 280SL Fuel Injector Replacement Kit

For the M110 6-cylinder engine. GENUINE Bosch fuel Injectors, holders, and seals with free cleaning supplies and free video instructions

This is every thing you need along with free video instructions by Kent Bergsma. Why change the K-jet fuel injectors in your M110 engine. One thing is they are very old. Second this is right now they are readily available and resonably inexpensive.


1981 to 1985 6 and 8 Cylinder Single Wire O2 Sensor Installation Kit

Fits 280E 280CE 380SL 380SEC 380SE 380SEL 500SL 500SEL with oxygen sensor installed

This is a part that hardly ever gets changed, and it is an easy DIY job if you can access it under your Benz. Make sure your model fits those described and has an O2 sensor installed. You can confirm that by the existence of an o2 sensor warning light on your dash.

On Demand Video

How to Install Our Injector Pressure Tester Conversion Kit

Shows how to upgrade your Version 1 or Version 2 tester to our Version 3 with fume capture bottle.

This video only applies to our injector pressure tester. Kent will show you how to attach the capture bottle and fittings to your older Version 1 or Version 2 pressure tester. Video is free with purchase of the conversion kit.


1977 to 1985 Diesel Engine Critical Coolant Service Kit

So often neglected - yet critical to preventing pre-mature or catastrophic engine failure!

Why is this so important? It is primarily due to the age of these cars now and the fact that lurking problems can be hidden from visual inspection. There is not ONE diesel that Kent has looked at in the last five years that does not need this service! Even ones with under 150,000 original miles.


Late W123 Bosch Electric Auxiliary Water Pump BYPASS Kit

If the electric pump is not working and you don't want to replace it. GET IT OUT of your system!

Since the original style Bosch electric water pumps are no longer available NEW. If you need a replacement pump, you have three options. 1. Buy a used pump. 2. Buy our newer pump conversion upgrade. 3. Take your inoperable pump out of the system.


1981 to 1985 ACCIII Climate Control Performance Enhancement Kit

Must do for 1981 to 1985 W123, W126 and R107 with automatic climate control. You won't believe what you find under your dash!!!

The parts in this little kit will do two things.  1. Protect your climate control push button panel. 2. The system will get more accurate readings from the climate control sensor on top of your dash.


Early Fuel Injection LONG and SHORT Electric Fuel Pump Seizure and Bottom Leak Service Kit

For 1959 to 1972 6 cylinder FUEL INJECTED gas models as well as the 6.3 V8 only If one day your fuel pump won't run, watch the video below and Kent will explain the major reason.

Rather than type up a description of this kit just watch the video below. Kent will explain what this kit includes and why it is needed. If you have a 1959 to 1973 fuel-injected Mercedes with a 6 cylinder engine (or a 6.3 V8) you should have this kit on standby!

Currently out of stock.

Soft Top Rear Plastic Window " Scratch and Fog" Removal Kit

This unique polishing method yields the best results that last on old plastic! The key is the high polish speed of the multi-tool and special compound that won't leave behind fine scratches.

After years of wearing out his shoulder and elbow joints trying to hand polish convertible top windows, Kent finally decided he had to use some type of fast action power tool. The idea for this kit and the included tool came from the development and use of his aluminum trim polish kit.


Cadmium Gold Plating Look-a-Like Spray Paint Kit

As seen on Kent's Youtube videos restoring old fuel delivery systems and engine parts.

Cad plating can be expensive but is great for show restorations. If you just want to make those parts on your old Benz look good then this is the closest paint Kent has found to looking like cadmium gold plating. Check out the pictures below of the fuel delivery brackets he did with this paint.


Digital Multimeter for Testing Fuel Injection and Other Electrical Components

The best meter under $30 Kent has found. Large easy-to-read screen. Very accurate and fast Ohm readings. Kent's training video for general testing

You do not need a $100 plus multimeter to test most automotive electrical components. But, you do need one that is very accurate and easy to read. This is especially true when testing D-jetronic and K-Jetronic fuel injection.

Currently out of stock.

Rust and Corrosion Small Pit Filling and Leveling Kit w/ SILVER Miracle Paint

Use Multiple Coats of Miracle Paint and Sand Between Coats to Stabilize and Level - Ideal for Leaking Chrome Wheels and Surface Rust Pitted Steel

This kit was developed by Kent primarily to fix leaking chrome wheels. The free on-demand video that comes with this kit shows the detailed process of cleaning and filling the corroded areas along the edges of the inside of the wheel to seal them and stop annoying tire leaks.


6 Cylinder M103 M104 CIS Fuel Delivery FID Overhaul Kit

For 1988 to 1993 M103 and M104 CIS powered cars (W201, W124, R129 and W126 chassis)

Most 1988 to 1993 6 cylinder CIS fuel injection delivery (FID) systems are old and tired and have not been properly maintained. These include the W201 190E 2.6, the W124 260E 300E, 300CE, 300TE, the W126 300SE, and 300SEL, and the R129 300SL.


1977 to 1993 Diesel Injection Pump Hard Plastic Hose Conversion Kit

For OM616 OM617 OM 601 OM602 and OM603 - High Quality High Pressure Rubber Hose Replacement

Those old hardened and discolored plastic fuel hoses in your diesel engine compartment probably need to be replaced. When they crack and break you can dump a ton of fuel out on the road before your engine quits and leaves you stranded.


W116 W123 W126 Aftermarket Power Antenna Replacement Kit

An inexpensive and reliable alternative complete with Kent's detailed install and wiring video instructions.

Power Hirschmann antennas are no longer available new. It is possible to remove and repair the old Hirschmanns if you are willing to dig in and spend time cleaning, adjusting, lubing, etc.


1976 to 1980 450SL 450SE 450SEL Bosch Gasoline Fuel Pump Protection Pre-filter

Prevents #1 cause of fuel pump failure - contamination! Install inline into the main 14mm ID fuel tank outlet hose. It is a tight fit. Will NOT work on the 6.9

It was difficult to find a filter to fit the correct size outlet hose. Install this steel 10-micron filter in your fuel tank outlet hose to protect your fuel pump. Clamps are provided along with a pull to plug the fuel hose temporarily to reduce fuel spills. 


W123 Early 240D Glow Plug Main Fuse Panel Repair Kit

Fits only 1977 to 1979 240D with fuse holder mounted on the firewall.

This is such a big problem on early 1977 to 1979 123  240D  diesels that I decided a good replacement kit was in order. Often I find the main feed wire loose or frayed, the fuse box cracked or melted, and the fuse connector points corroded or loose.