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Plastic Radiator Broken Upper Neck Repair Kit

This will repair most cracked or broken upper radiator necks - Free video instructions

Another great solution from Mercedessource!

A broken radiator neck can be safely repaired if it breaks off cleanly in the center or aft of the center of the neck. If it breaks off too close to the tank or breaks off in multiple small pieces then we advise that you replace the radiator.


Wheel Painting Tire Masking Dam for 14 and 15 Inch Wheels

Allows you to quickly paint your wheels without removing the tires - better than masking tape!

Have you ever tried to mask off your tires with paper and tape before painting the wheels? If you have I am sure you are laughing right now. Doesn't work too hot...Hard to get any tape to stick to the rubber tire.


W123 300TD Wagon SLS Hydraulic Suspension Leveling Valve - REBUILT

Fits all 123 300TD 1979 to 1985 - Free adjust video and pin tool - ONLY ONE AVAILABLE

Good used leveling valve and bracket as shown. This one is one of the better ones we have seen. It is super clean inside with hardly no scratches. There are a few corrosion spots on the outside but are only cosmetic. This is a picture of the actual part you will receive.


190E 2.6 260E 300E 300SE Distributor Overhaul Kit w/ Special Tool

For all M103 6 cylinder Single Cam Engines from 1985 to 1993

Distributor neglect is one of the most common neglected maintenance items that we see on the 6 cylinder 103 engine. Just because the engine is running ok does not mean that the parts are not worn out. One day you will get up in the morning and the engine will not start.


2 Quarts of Miracle Paint with Spare Empty Pint Can

Cost saving option when tackling some major rust repair
If you are working on some larger rust areas or rust holes, you will probably need more than one quart to complete your project. This two-quart kit will generally cover and seal all areas if you are doing a rust cleanup on the underside of the car.
Currently out of stock.


For 1978 to 1985 5 cylinder turbo charger equipped engines

This is a must have if you own an older turbo 300D 300TD 300CD or 300SD. Full of very valuable info. No longer in print and hard to find. This is the factory dealer workshop full engine service manual. 


W112 OM189 Engine Block Gasket Set - NOS

For 300SE coupes and convertibles PART NO. 189 586 13 90

Please note I can not guarantee that all gaskets originally with the set are there.  It has been opened. Please look at picture carefully. What you see is what you get. Please make certain this fits your later 189 engine. 


123 107 126 201 124 722.3x and 722.4x Transmission Modulator O-ring Seal

For re-sealing green and black modulators on most 1981 to 1993 models.

If your modulator is working ok, but leaking transmission fluid, you may only need to replace the inexpensive oring ( o ring ). You do have to be careful when removing the modulator from the transmission. For instructions (available separately) see related products below.

Currently out of stock.

Full Synthetic Black Wheel Bearing Grease 14 oz Grease Gun Tube

For Hi Temp Disk Brake Wheel Bearings

If you drive hard and do a lot of heavy breaking your front wheel bearings should be packed with this grease! Also good for chassis, suspension, cv and universal joints. Made by Valvoline.

Currently out of stock.

Early W123 Right Rear Power Window Regulator and Motor

Fits 123 passenger side rear door 1977 to 1980 240D 300D 280E and 300TD wagon

Good used working power window regulator as shown.  Slightly bent frame but still working ok. IF you lube this real well and use with care should last for a long time. These are getting very hard to find for the early 123’s. You should pick up one for a spare.


Early W123 Left Rear Power Window Regulator and Motor

Fits 123 driver side rear door 1977 to 1980 240D 300D 280E and 300TD wagon

Good used working power window regulator as shown.  Slightly bent frame with very small one inch crack but still working ok. IF you lube this real well and use with care should last for a long time. These are getting very hard to find for the early 123’s. You should pick up one for a spare.

Currently out of stock.

Early W123 Right Front Power Window Regulator and Motor

Fits 123 passenger front door 1977 to 1980 240D 300D 280E and 300TD wagon

Good used working power window regulator as shown.  Slightly bent frame and some teeth wear but still working ok. IF you lube this real well and use with care should last for a long time. These are getting very hard to find for the early 123’s. You should pick up one for a spare.


Early W123 Left Front Power Window Regulator and Motor

Fits 123 driver front door 1977 to 1980 240D 300D 280E and 300TD wagon

Good used working power window regulator as shown.  Pretty straight with minimal teeth wear. These are getting very hard to find for the early 123’s. You should pick up one for a spare. This will NOT fit the 300CD or 280CE coupes.


3000 PSI Pressure Gauge to Convert Our Gas Injector Tester to a Diesel Injector Tester

Upgrade either a Mercedessource CIS injector or MFI injector tester

This is a high quality stainless liquid filled pressure guage. It is the same gauge that comes with our diesel fuel injector bench mount pressure tester. If you have purchased one of our early CIS testers or MFI testers for gasoline fuel injectors, this is an inexpensive upgrade path.


Brake Caliper Rebuild Tool Kit

For most Mercedes from mid 1960's to mid 1990's with dual piston disk brakes. This will make rebuilding your old calipers easier and less frustrating

PLEASE NOTE: No written instructions are included with this kit.  We have (3) ON DEMAND VIDEOS  available for purchase separately that cover the entire rebuilding process. Please see links below.


190E 190D 300E 300SDL 300D 2.5 Engine Oil Plug Magnetic Pickup -- SUPER STRENGTH

Fits 14 MM Engine Oil Drain Plug Magnetic Pickup for Later Engines --- OM 601 602 603 M102 M103 M104 and Some V8's

This is the standard 14 mm long pan plug used on many engines with aluminum pans from the mid 1980's on. Before ordering make certain you have this type of pan plug. This engine oil drain plug can help extend the life of your old diesel engine.


Rear End Differential Drain Plug Magnetic Pickup - SUPER STRENGTH!

Fits all Mercedes Rear Ends from 1966 to 1995

Kent believes this is the best protection you can give your rear end. Since there is no filter there for the fluid, nothing other than this super strong magnetic drain plug can keep metal particles from working their way back up into the bearings and gears.


Automatic Transmission Pan Black Hole Particle Pick Up Magnets - Super Strength

Will work on all automatic transmissions with steel flat pans

Sold in a set of four. These have to be the strongest magnets in the World! You do not put them inside the pan. Rather you spread them out on the outside bottom of the transmission pan as shown in the picture below. Talk about an easy install!  You don't even need to jack the car up!

Currently out of stock.

Frozen Brake Caliper Piston Removal Pump Adapter Hose

Only works with Mercedessource Injector Pressure Tester - FREE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS

This is a must-have if you attempting a caliper rebuild on one with stuck pistons. If you own one of our injector pressure testers here is a great add-on that will allow you to use the tester to remove stuck pistons from old brake calipers.


Mercedes GENUINE High Temp Antifriction Wheel Bearing Grease

Special application wheel you really want to drive fast! :-)

This green colored grease is specially formulated to work on any Mercedes from wheel bearing. Comes in a tube that is enough to do two front wheel bearings and inside hubs. If you drive at high speeds this is your best grease to prevent bearings from overheating. 


1995 E300 Diesel Glow Plug Set with Reamer - Special

FREE anti-seize compound

6 high quality Monark glow plugs that are still made in Germany! Special carbon reamer included. This reamer should always be used to ream out the glow plug holes when changing your plugs to improve efficiency and glow plug life.


Throttle Linkage Ball Socket Service Kit

Works on both gas and diesel engines from the 1950s to the mid 1990's

Keeping your throttle linkage ball sockets and pivot point lubricate extends the life of the parts and maintains top performance for the engine as well as some of the later transmissions.


SPECIAL PURCHASE CERAMIC Rear Brake Pads - Most Models 1969 to 1991

107 108 109 111 113 114 115 116 123 and 126 chassis - NOT for 201 or 124 Chassis

FITS THE FOLLOWING: all W107, W108, 109, W111, W113, W114, W115, W116, W123 and W126 chassis from 1969 to 1991. See models listed below. NOTE: Four pads included for both sides of rear axle. Tired of excess brake dust and poor performance during heavy braking? These are amazing brake pads.


W123 W126 ALL Models Front Brake Pad Set - No Instructions


Here is a great pad at a great price. These are the front brake pads Kent uses on most of his older Benz. We are offering at a special price without extras. Note the set only comes with one sensor wire. This is like a spare if one breaks when you are installing the new pads.

Currently out of stock.

W108 W114 W115 W116 Steering Coupling Assembly

Connects the steering column to the steering box - shock buffering

If you are experiencing excessive steering play you might want to inspect your coupler. This new part comes with thread locker bolts and locking washers as shown.


Currently out of stock.

1984 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Maratona Project Car - Very Rare


PLEASE DO NOT try to check out by adding this item to your shopping cart. If you are seriously interested in purchasing the car please contact us by using the SUPPORT link above. Buyer is responsible for arranging for and paying for all transportation costs.

Currently out of stock.

W116 300SD Power Steering Pump Resealed w/ New Filter

Fits 1978 to 1978 116 300SD Turbo Diesel

Good used pump with brand new front seal installed. You will need to use your existing pulley and nut. Shipped with new power steering filter.


Anodized Aluminum Window Trim Polish Restoration Kit w/ POWER TOOL

Our popular Miracle Paste kit now shipped with high speed power tool included!

Mercedes 108, 109, 114, 115, 116, 123, 126, 124 and 201 chassis window trim has a super strong anodized coating that is imperious to hand polishing but still can oxidize when exposed to harsh environmental elements.


12 Golf Tees For Plugging Hoses and Testing Vacuum System

Nothing works better than wooden tapered golf tees!

When trying to troubleshoot a leak in your vacuum system or just plugging off a hose that is leaking nothing works better than these. They are the same ones that we include in your vacuum hand pump testing kit. 

Currently out of stock.

W123 300TD Wagon Original Factory Tool Kit in Pouch

This was removed from a nice original 1985 300TD. Will work in other models as well.

Exact tool kit as shown. Pouch will need some cleaning. When was the last time you saw a set of original pliers that were not rusty and worked freely. Can not guarantee every original tool for this model is here. See picture. What you see is what you get. 

Currently out of stock.

W115 W123 240D Fuel Injector Hard Line Set

Fits 1974 to 1983 240D

Excellent used set of fuel injector hard lines as shown. The fourth injector line was removed and the clamps were lost. You can use you other clamps or we sell the clamps separately. Some bending of the lines is usually always required when installing and that is ok.


5 Way Vacuum Line Rubber Connector

Most 1986 to 1987 300SDL 300D 300TD 190D - Some 1980 to 1985 300D 300CD 300TD and 300SDL

This is no longer available so we custom make this in our shop. This hard to find 5 way vacuum connector can be used to replace a worn or deteriorated factory connector you as an alternation you can use it to replace 2 - 3 way connectors where needed.

Currently out of stock.

116 123 107 126 and 201 Chassis Aftermarket Auxiliary Electric Water Pump

1977 to 1993 applicable models with automatic climate control

FITS THE FOLLOWING, all 116, 123, 107, 126, and 201 chassis 1977 to 1993 (does not work in the W124 chassis). This is an aftermarket electric water pump at half the cost of the original Bosch. It is a good quality unit for the price.

Currently out of stock.

Late W123 Palomino Lighted Visor Set Excellent

Fits 1982 to 1985 240D, 300D, 300CD and 300TD WITH lighted visors installed

This is one of the best sets I have seen recently. The doors open nicely and the lights in both visors work!!!!!. We will even include the special headliner attach clips as these complete the electrical circuit. These are also not cracked and in excellent condition.

Currently out of stock.

OM 601 602 603 Diesel Engine Universal Vacuum Line and Connector Service Kit

An assortment of hoses and fittings to help fix your vacuum leaks

Kent recently replaced all the engine compartment rubber vacuum hoses and connectors in his own 300SDL and was amazed at the difference. Engine shut off quicker, transmission shifted better, and engine ran smoother.

Currently out of stock.

24" Measuring Machinist Straight Edge with Protective Sleeve

A must have when working on engines.

When working on automotive engines a long heavy machinist straight edge is a must. This is the best way to tell if the mating surfaces are flat and true. That includes cylinder heads, engine blocks, intake and exhaust manifolds as well as critical sealing metal to metal covers and housings.