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W115 W123 240D Fuel Injector Hard Line Set

Fits 1974 to 1983 240D

Excellent used set of fuel injector hard lines as shown. The fourth injector line was removed and the clamps were lost. You can use you other clamps or we sell the clamps separately. Some bending of the lines is usually always required when installing and that is ok.


Early W124 Hood Pad Replacement Installation Kit

ONLY fits early models 1986 to 1988 300E 300D 300TD and 300TE

EXTRA BONUS: You will receive BOTH Kent’s written and video instructions with the purchase of this hood pad. Brand new aftermarket hood pad to fit ONLY those models listed above. Includes special hood pad installation glue, brushes and PDF instructions.


5 Way Vacuum Line Rubber Connector

Most 1986 to 1987 300SDL 300D 300TD 190D - Some 1980 to 1985 300D 300CD 300TD and 300SDL

This is no longer available so we custom make this in our shop. This hard to find 5 way vacuum connector can be used to replace a worn or deteriorated factory connector you as an alternation you can use it to replace 2 - 3 way connectors where needed.

Currently out of stock.

116 123 107 126 and 201 Chassis Aftermarket Auxiliary Electric Water Pump

1977 to 1993 applicable models with automatic climate control

FITS THE FOLLOWING, all 116, 123, 107, 126, and 201 chassis 1977 to 1993 (does not work in the W124 chassis). This is an aftermarket electric water pump at half the cost of the original Bosch. It is a good quality unit for the price.

Currently out of stock.

Late W123 Palomino Lighted Visor Set Excellent

Fits 1982 to 1985 240D, 300D, 300CD and 300TD WITH lighted visors installed

This is one of the best sets I have seen recently. The doors open nicely and the lights in both visors work!!!!!. We will even include the special headliner attach clips as these complete the electrical circuit. These are also not cracked and in excellent condition.


24" Measuring Machinist Straight Edge with Protective Sleeve

A must have when working on engines.

When working on automotive engines a long heavy machinist straight edge is a must. This is the best way to tell if the mating surfaces are flat and true. That includes cylinder heads, engine blocks, intake and exhaust manifolds as well as critical sealing metal to metal covers and housings. 


Late CIS V8 and Twin Cam Six Cylinder Gas Engine Fuel Injector

Fits ONLY those models listed below with CIS mechanical fuel injection

Brand new Bosch Fuel Injector as shown. This is the later style with the smaller threads. It will only fit the models listed below with CIS fuel injection. How do you know if you have CIS? If you have hard metal fuel lines going to your injectors with no wires you have CIS.


W123 W126 Glove Box Hinge Adjustment and Removal Tool

Now removal of that difficult round slotted nut has never been easier - plus it pops the clips out.

Any of us who have owned a 1977 to 1985 Mercedes W123 for any length of time have probably had to deal with the glove box door at some point. The hardest part is loosening and removing that weird little round slotted nut on the two hinge points.

Currently out of stock.

CIS Gas Fuel Injector Spray Pattern Tester and Nozzle Cleaner

"Our fuel injection pressure tester is currently going through a major upgrade to provide better performance and safety. Release date will be announced soon on facebook and YouTube"

Works on all models from 1977 to 1993 with the Bosch C.I.S Fuel Injection system - see models listed below

Currently out of stock.

Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Filter with Extra Filters as Shown

Designed for GM diesels - works as great super efficient final filter for SVO

This is a super nice filter unit. It comes with 6 replacable filters. The VERY best thing I like about this unit is the filters pull out from the top. This makes it very easy and super clean to change filter elements in a tight engine compartment installation.

Currently out of stock.

SVO WVO Fuel Boost Heater and Bracket for 1986 to 1993 300D 300TD 300SDL

One only clearance item - no instructions

This is a completely assembly SVO fuel heater that uses a glow plug to heat the fuel. The mounting bracket is designed for the OM603 and OM602 diesel engine passenger cars. It mounts the heater vertically between the ABS unit and the window washter tank.


SVO WVO Trunk Mount Fuel Sump Heater

New old stock clearance item - must be assembled - LAST ONE!

This unit is designed to fit into the spare tire well along the right side of the spare tire. A 1/2 inch fuel hose upgrade feeds fuel by gravity from the bottom of the fuel tank into the sump heater. A copper coil coolant heater then heats the fuel before it moves up the fuel line to the engine.


HD Diesel Engine Glow Plug Circuit Tester

Every diesel owner should have one of these in the trunk to quickly test glow plug functions

A 12 volt test light is a very handy tool to have when working on any car but it is particularly important if you have a old diesel. This tool will allow you to quickly determine if there is power getting to your glow plugs, and if not where the power is breaking down.


1982 to 1995 Auto Transmission Dipstick Tube Seal

Fits all models with the 722.315 and most 722.4 transmissions - see list below

This is becoming one of the common transmission fluid leaks on these older automatics. If the trans is leaking fluid in small puddles while the car sits for longer periods suspect this seal. You can be fooled thinking it is coming from the pan gasket.


617 Turbo Diesel Transmission Bowden Cable O-ring Seal

For 1981 to 1985 Turbo Diesel 300D 300TD 300CD and 300SD

Genuine Mercedes special Oring seal for the bowden cable housing where it connects to the right side of the automatic transmission. This is a common leak area and you may be fooled into thinking it is leaking out of the pan gasket.

Currently out of stock.

617 Turbo Diesel Transmission Bowden Cable

Specific for OM617 5 cyl. TURBO diesel models 1981 to 1985 - 300TD, 300D, 300CD and 300SD

A brand New Old Stock OE bowden cable for your automatic transmission. No longer available from Mercedes Benz. This part is critical to proper shift timing. The bowden cable runs from the transmission to the throttle linkage on many Mercedes from the early 1980's up through the early mid 1990's.


Main Dash Light Bulb Holder Socket Set - New Genuine Mercedes

Great upgrade replacement for the weak W123 and Early W126 bulb holders.

SOLD AS A SET OF TWO. You can watch Kent's video to see how important these bulb holders are and whey he likes them so much. If you are having dash light issues and you have replaced the bulbs these might be the reason.

Currently out of stock.

W116 300SD VCV Vacuum Control Auto Transmission Shifting Valve

Cleaned and tested - comes complete with activation rod.

Excellent used vacuum shift valve for the 1978 to 1980 300SD. This has been tested in our shop and is in good working conditioin. When you put it on your particular diesel it most likely will need to be adjusted. No instructions are included with this part.


W210 W220 W215 Cabin Air Filter Set

Fits E320, E300, E420, E430, S430, S500, CL500 1996 to 2006 including AMG.

Complete set of four cabin air filters only for models listed. Why don't people change their cabin air filters??? Kent has never seen a clean set! Don't believe it, just check out his youtube videos.


Late Model Voltage Regulator for most M112 and M113 Engines

Fits V6 and V8 models 1998 to 2002 listed in description - video instructions available

New voltage regulator that bolts on to the back of your alternator. This is the common failure point. Do NOT let anyone sell you a new alternator until you inspect or have this part inspected!

Currently out of stock.

W116 W123 Automatic Transmission Shift Knob Excellent

Fits all 116 Chassis 350SE 450SE 450SEL 280S 280SE 300SD 1973 to 1980 + all W123

Excellent used shfit knob. Still has grain on the top and rubber is strong and tight. Fits all W123 from 1977 to 1985 as well. 


1977 TO 1980 W116 Climate Control Switch Panel - Rare Near New!

This fits US model with early automatic climate control including 6.9

When was the last time you saw a model 116 switch panel in such good condition. Almost no wear on the switches, temp wheel and face plate and so clean on the back side with no overheat markings on the connectors.


Mercedes W116 Front Dome Light Switch Three Prong Flat

Fits some 116 Chassis 350SE 450SE 450SEL 280S 280SE 300SD 1977 to 1980

Good used switch. no cracks in plastic. please note style to make certain it will fit in your 116 there are different types. This has the three prong (not round) pin connectors. Check carefully yours first. Not returnable if ordered in error.

Currently out of stock.

Mercedes W116 Right Side Mirror

116 Chassis 350SE 450SE 450SEL 280S 280SE 300SD 1973 to 1980

Good used smooth working right side mirror as shown. Good mirror glass. Comes with chrome cover plate and adjustment handle. Only missing the little attachment screw. 


Late 123 Heater Blower Motor Assembly New

Fits U.S. Model W123 1981 to 1985

Brand New aftermarket heater blower motor. This may not be as polished as the original Behr, but there are not a whole lot of options for the 123 owners other than used. Many of the used heater motors out there are just worn out.

Currently out of stock.

Mercedes Holiday Hood Star Wreath - Green

Heavy Duty - can survive up to 90mph!

Here is a chance to deck out your Benz this Holiday Season, or give as a gift to the Mercedes fan! How awesome is this for some real Christmas decor! Kent found these and just had to have them to offer to our customers for the holiday season.   Available here in Green.


Mercedes Holiday Hood Star Wreath - White

Heavy Duty - can survive up to 90mph!

Here is a chance to deck out your Benz this Holiday Season, or give as a gift to the Mercedes fan! How awesome is this for some real Christmas decor! Kent found these and just had to have them to offer to our customers for the holiday season.   Available here in White.


Mercedes Holiday Hood Star Wreath - Silver

Heavy Duty - can survive up to 90mph!

Here is a chance to deck out your Benz this Holiday Season, or give as a gift to the Mercedes fan! How awesome is this for some real Christmas decor! Kent found these and just had to have them to offer to our customers for the holiday season.   Available here in Silver.


Mercedes Holiday Hood Star Wreath - Gold

Heavy Duty - can survive up to 90mph!

Here is a chance to deck out your Benz this Holiday Season, or give as a gift to the Mercedes fan! How awesome is this for some real Christmas decor! Kent found these and just had to have them to offer to our customers for the holiday season.   Available here in Gold.

Currently out of stock.

617 TURBO and Late 240D Diesel Aluminum Alternator Mounting Bracket

Not corroded: Fits 1978 to 1985 300SD and 1982 to 1985 240D 300D 300CD and 300TD

Excellent used bracket that bolts to the engine block to mount alternator. The bolts in this bracket often get frozen to the aluminum and require cutting. The only solution is to get another bracket as shown here. Not difficult to install.  

Currently out of stock.

617 Diesel Engine Fan Clutch

For 5 blade aluminum fan on 617 300D 300CD 300TD and 300SD 1975 to 1983.

Excellent USED Factory Fan clutch removed from a OM 617 turbo diesel engine. Appears to be low time. Very firm and smooth movement. Fit all 5 cylinder diesels 1975 to 1985 as well as some gas engines.


Transmission Shift Rod Clip Removal and Installation Tool

For all 108 109 114 115 107 116 123 126 201 124 129 and 140 chassis 1968 to 1995

If you have ever tried to remove and reinstall a shift rod attachment clip under your Benz you know how frustrating it can be. On some chassis like the 201 models it is almost impossible to even get to the clip let alone remove it with standard hand tools!


SVO Manual Set - running vegetable oil in your diesel.


If you have ever wanted to know what's all involved in running your older Mercedes diesel on waste vegetable oil here is the way to find out quickly. Read these three manuals and you can decide it this is something you really want to do! Regularly $38.85


1977 to 1985 Diesel Special 24 mm Oil Filter Housing Fitting Wrench

A Must Have Tool when dealing with stubborn oil cooler hoses

This standard 24 mm combination wrench is specially ground in our shop so that it will hold the fitting on the late 616 and 617 oil filter housing when loosening the oil cooler hose end nut. Without this wrench the fitting may start to turn with the hose nut and you will never get it off.


OM 603 1986 to 1987 Garrett T3 Turbocharger Basic Overhaul Kit

Only fits 6 cylinder 1986 to 1987 300SDL, 300D and 300TD with GARRET TURBO!!!

This kit will allow you to replace the critcal worn parts inside the early 603 U.S. made Garrett T3 turbochargers. This kit will not work if your engine has a KKK turbo made in Germany. The only way to tell which turbo you have is by visual inspection.

Currently out of stock.

602 and 603 Diesel Engine Breather Hose Fix Kit w/ Instructions

The original rubber grommet and plastic elbow will become brittle over the years from the heat of the engine. When you go to remove the breather it will often just break off in your hand! The hard seal allows oil to leak causing a mess around the front of your valve cover.


Jolly Green HD Super Gloves Box of 50 ( 25 Pair )

As used by Kent Bergsma in all his latest videos - best ever - Diesel owners need a whole box...:-)

Kent started wearing protective hand gloves back in the day when only latex was readily available. When nitrile came along he was elated and has closely followed improvements in these gloves over the years.