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Diesel Fuel Injector Return Fuel Hose AND Brake Pad Service Tool

Easy way to remove and reinstall that hard to reach small injector fuel return hose and vacuum hose - AND works on brake pads too!!!

While working on the fuel injectors of a 240D this week, Kent finally decided he had had enough. After 20 years of fighting those fuel injector return hoses he decided he just had to come up with a tool to make the job easier. 2 hours later the tool was designed and the prototype made.


M112 V6 M113 V8 Engine Mount Top Bolt Custom Removal Tool

You can do it without this tool, but it is a pain. Access to that top bolt can drive you crazy! Includes on-demand video instructions

This unique tool is cut and welded right here in our shop to give you the box end depth you need to get the top motor mount bolt loose. A rubber handle serves as a grip, so you can use a pry bar to get extra torque on the bolt. Watch the YouTube video below for a full demonstration.


Best Grabbing and Clamping Hand Tool Set in The World - Kent’s Collection

3 super custom tools that you will not find anywhere else in the world. All designed by Kent Bergsma

This is a collection of SPECIAL tools Kent has put together to help you grab, twist, and pull on things in and around your Mercedes.  He makes each one of these tools right here in his shop.


1968 to 1987 4, 5 and 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine Prechamber Removal Tool

61x tool: For OM615, OM616, OM617, and early OM 601 and OM603 through 1987 only.

Version 4 update 2/22: New color and style but still does the same job. This is one of the key tools you will need to remove stubborn pre chambers from the cylinder head of your old diesel engine.


3 in I Emergency Brake Install Tool w/ Extras Including Video Instructions

Tool handle revision 8/5/23: This is a must-have tool if you are replacing emergency / parking brake shoes!

One day Kent "finally had it!" Replacing parking brake shoes was always a dreaded job. As he thought about it he realized the frustration was mostly due to the hassle of getting all the holding springs on and off. So he set out to develop a new tool.


Ceramic Fuse Easy Install Tool with Custom Jaws

Fastest, easiest, and most secure way to remove and replace the fuses in your fuse box. It can get into tight places.

After years of "fighting" fuse replacement, Kent finally decided he had had enough! And so was born another special tool. It is designed to securely grab hold of a ceramic fuse, remove it from it, and replace it with minimal exertion and no damage.


Kent's Custom Diesel Front Crank Seal Race Removal Tool

For OM615 OM616 and OM617 Diesel engines from 1968 to 1985. Made to remove the race on the end of the crankshaft when replacing the front crank seal.

Kent modified this puller and developed a procedure to remove the front crank seal race so the job could be affordable from the DIY mechanic. This costs less than half the cost of the factory tool.

Currently out of stock.

615 616 617 EARLY 60x (601 and 603) Prechamber Removal Tool w/ Instructions

Yellow slide hammer no longer available. New Silver Version 4 is available now. See related products below.

UPDATE: This yellow slide hammer is no longer available. You can purchase our new silver Version 4 model. See related products below. This is one of the tools you will need to remove stubborn pre chambers.


Older Chassis Side Trim Strip and Door Panel Removal Tool

Works on the W108, W109, W114, W115, W116 (side trim only) and the W123 chassis

This is the best tool we have found to remove the chrome side trim strips and snap type door panels on may of the older models from the mid 1960's to the mid 1980's.


Radiator and Heater Hose Pick Removal Tool

Use all all vehicles to "unstick" old rubber coolant hoses

If you plan to change coolant hoses this is a must-have labor-saving tool. This is one cleverly designed tool. I could not have done it better myself. I actually use to make a couple of different types before I found this one.


M112 V6 and M113 V8 Spark Plug Wire Removal Tool - THE BEST!

Custom made here in our shop. This beats any other tool available for spark plug boot removal on these 6 and 8 cylinder engines.

A better mousetrap? Yes, it is. If you think Kent is just trying to sell something, watch the video below.  After watching it in action,  you will believe this really is the best tool out there for the job!


Coolant Hose Clamps for Most 1960 to 1995 Mercedes.

5/8" to 1" diameter which will fit most but not all heater core coolant hoses. Measures yours first before ordering.

6 "German style" non-cutting hose clamps as shown. These are wider than most to better seal the hose to the fitting.  See our other hose clamp assortments below.


Turbo Diesel Cylinder Head Bolt Removal Tool - 12M Star Bit

1978 to 1985 5 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engines 300D 300TD 300CD 300SD

If you have worked on 5-cylinder 617 turbo diesel cylinder heads before you already know how important it is to have the correct socket for the star cylinder head bolts. This socket is a must to properly remove and re-torque those bolts.


Front Crank and Transmission Seal Removal Tool

Helps to remove 616 and 617 Diesel Engine Front Crank Seals and automatic transmissions from 1965 to 1995

If you have a leaking transmission seal it can be a real bear to get the old seals out without this puller tool. It works on both the front and rear transmission shaft seals. This tool also works great for removing the front crank seal on both gas and diesel engines.


All Models Rubber Exhaust Hanger (Donut) Easy Install Tool by Gerson

After 20 years of scraped knuckles... FINALLY a good solution that makes install a "snap." Doubles as back

Hard to believe we took so long to come up with this tool. It was Gerson's genius that made it happen. The secret turned out to be the hook that keeps the tool in place while stretching out the rubber donut. Wow! What a cool tool.

Trim and Moulding Tool Set

All Models Trim and Moulding Tool Set

Prevents damage to paint and parts - All plastic

 This 5 piece set is made out of plastic so it will not mar or scratch paint, glass, chrome trim, etc.


Bilstein Shock Absorber Deluxe Rapid Install Tool Set by Kent Bergsma

Back in stock. You will not believe how easy and fast you can remove and install those pesky top shock nuts! Especially on the R107!

Socket is now black (impact grade). This is a tool that Kent first thought about making 20 years ago. While installing shock absorbers in his 380SL he had finally had enough - so it was back to the machine shop to come up with a new tool.


Transmission Shift Rod Clip Removal and Installation Tool

For all 108 109 114 115 107 116 123 126 201 124 129 and 140 chassis 1968 to 1995

If you have ever tried to remove and reinstall a shift rod attachment clip under your Benz you know how frustrating it can be. On some chassis like the 201 models it is almost impossible to even get to the clip let alone remove it with standard hand tools!


1981 to 1985 722.3 Turbo Diesel Transmission Bowden Cable Removable Tool

Revised version - now a modified vise grip for stronger hold and easier adjustment. It can be used to remove stubborn fuel hoses as well.

Also works on 380SL and 560SL transmissions. Before you think you can easily remove the Bowden cable from the transmission, watch the video below.


Early Diesel Pre Chamber Removal Threaded Tool (up through 1987 models only)

A slide hammer is required. A collar nut tool is required. See the full explanation below

If you already have or are willing to buy a 5 pound slide hammer this special threaded fitting will allow you to PULL the pre-chamber from the cylinder head once you have removed the collar nut and the glow plug ( a collar nut removal tool is required look below to learn more).


R107 Fuel Tank Filter Screen Custom Removal Tool

For ALL 1971 to 1989 107 models. New OE filter and video instructions included. Now works on early 350SL flat bottom tank screens.

For many years, we were receiving frantic requests from customers asking for help with removing the fuel tank filter screen from their 1971 to 1989 350SL, 450SL, 380SL, 500SL, or 560SL (the same issue also applies to all SLC coupes).  Until recently, we did not have a solution other than to tell


Older Diesel and Gas Fan Clutch to Water Pump Mounting Bolt Removal Tool

10/22 Update: New design. For all 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 1969 to 1985 and other 6 cyl. gas models with viscous fan clutch

Fits the following 108, 111, 113, 114, 115, 116, 107, 123, and 126 chassis with four-bolt mount vicious and fixed fans. NEW IN 2022!  Now just a very long 10mm custom bent and ground ( no extra handle ).


All Models Rubber Exhaust Hanger (Donut) Easy Install Tool w/ 4 Hangers

4 "Donuts" included. After 20 years of scraped knuckles... FINALLY a good solution that makes install a "snap."

Hard to believe we took so long to come up with this tool. It was Gerson's genius that made it happen. The secret turned out to be the hook that keeps the tool in place while stretching out the rubber donut. Wow! What a cool tool.


Maintenance-Handy Pick Tool Set

Small enough to get into tight places - i.e. brake clips and heat shields

Nice set of pick tools with plastic handles. They have strong steel tips which allow for more prying and twisting with less tendency to bend the tips as you would with dental pick tools. Note: Quarter is not included! Shown for size reference only


Front Brake Pad Sensor Wire Removal and Replacement Tool

Works on the Following: All 107,116,123 and 126 Chassis from 1973-1991.

Have you ever tried to get those old stuck pad sensors off your front calipers? Have you had much success doing it without damaging at least one wire? Kent has had the same frustration over the years so finally designed a custom tool for the job.


1990 to 1995 Diesel OM602 and OM603 Prechamber Removal Tool

Heavy duty slide hammer and special fitting included.

This tool will allow you to remove a cylinder head pre-chamber on a 1990 to 1991 350SD 350SDL (126 chassis), 1990 to 1993 300D 2.5 (124 chassis), and 1992 to 1995 300SD / S350 (140 chassis). The special black fitting attached to the slide hammer is custom made in our shop.


Hand Wheel Bearing Packing Tool

You will be amazed how fast and how efficient this tool works!

Flushes Out Old Grease and Repacks Bearings with Less Mess. This Handy Packer works on bearings up to 3 1/2" O.D.


M112 V6 M113 V8 Belt Tension Release and Drive Belt Install Custom Tool

Extra long length for ease of releasing spring tension on the front drive belt tensioner. Makes this job almost painless.

Designed by Kent and made right here in our shop. Watch the video below for a full explanation of this tool and how it works. Kent will demonstrate how easy it is to remove and replace the front drive (serpentine) belt on most M112 and M113 engines from 1998 to 2006.


Kent's Custom Gas Engine Front Crank Seal Race Removal Tool

For most 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and V8 engines from 1963 to 1985. Made to remove the race on the end of the crankshaft when replacing the front crank seal.

Kent modified this puller and developed a procedure to remove the front crank seal race so the job could be affordable from the DIY mechanic. This costs less than half the cost of the factory tool.

Currently out of stock.

615 616 617 Early 601 and 603 Diesel Prechamber Collar Nut Torquing Tool

12/1/21 Update: Version 1 sold out and no longer made.To purchase upgraded Version 2 of this tool see related products below:

Tightens and Removes Collar Nuts on 220D 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD 300SDL 190D 2.2 1969 to 1987. Works on most Mercedes diesel engines up through 1987 only. ALSO FITS OM 636


Diesel Fuel Injector Tuning Manual and Top Brass Tool Kit - Combo Special

Best tool kit to take apart and clean old fuel injectors. You might actually get them to spray well again without buying replacements

 Keeping your injectors clean and tuned is one of the best ways you can improve mileage in a diesel. Buy both Kents new manual Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing Procedures and his Top Brass Custom Cleaning Tool Kit and save!


Pencil Glow Plug Reamer 12 mm Special Tool - MADE IN USA

For diesel engines 1980 to 1993 300D 300TD 300CD 190D 300SDL and 1978 to 1985 300SD

When using a pencil glow plug reamer, this modified 12 mm wrench will allow you to PUSH in on the reamer while turning - and let me tell you - this is needed when you have heavy carbon buildup in the prechambers.


Anodized Aluminum Window Trim Polish Restoration Kit w/ POWER TOOL

Our popular Miracle Paste kit now shipped with high speed power tool included! ** PLEASE NOTE: CANNOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY DUE TO CHEMICALS***

Mercedes 108, 109, 114, 115, 116, 107, 123, 126, 124 and 201 chassis window trim has a super strong anodized coating that is impervious to hand polishing but still can oxidize when exposed to harsh environmental elements.


1986 to 2003 Control Arm to Knuckle Bushing Installation Tool

Designed by Kent. Best way to replace that "hidden" bushing without have to remove the control arm from the car. Fits MOST BUT NOT ALL. See list below.

You will need to loosen the bottom of the rear shock, disconnect the control arm from the outer knuckle, loosen the inside arm bolts, and drop the end of the control arm down. Kent designed this tool to make it easy for the DIY mechanic to do this job without having to take it into the shop.


W123 W126 Glove Box Hinge Adjustment and Removal Tool

Now removal of that difficult round slotted nut has never been easier - plus it pops the clips out.

Any of us who have owned a 1977 to 1985 Mercedes W123 for any length of time have probably had to deal with the glove box door at some point. The hardest part is loosening and removing that weird little round slotted nut on the two hinge points.


SLS Leveling Adjustment - Special Tool Set for Adjusting Ride Height

Adjustment can be done with regular wrenches, but when you are doing it under the car with engine running your words will not be kind.

Why these special tools? Can't you just adjust that rod with a couple of combination open end wrenches. Maybe yes and no... have you tried it?  You can not get the rod off with a regular thickness 10 mm open end wrench.

Currently out of stock.

190E 2.6 260E 300E 300SE Distributor Overhaul Kit w/ Special Tool

For all M103 6 cylinder Single Cam Engines from 1985 to 1993

Distributor neglect is one of the most common neglected maintenance items that we see on the 6 cylinder 103 engine. Just because the engine is running ok does not mean that the parts are not worn out. One day you will get up in the morning and the engine will not start.


1960'S Through Mid 1970's Fuel Tank Filter Screen Removal Tool

For W110 W111 W112 W113 W108 W109 W114 and W115 chassis as well as W123 station wagon only

Most owners do not have a big enough hex wrench to remove the fuel tank screen on those models that had the fuel tank right under the rear trunk floor. But the screen does need to be removed, inspected and cleaned due to the age of these cars.


2000 to 2006 ABC Rear Control Arm Removal Custom Tool Set

As shown in Kent's videos on replacing the rear strut and/or outer control arm bushings in an ABC SL500

Anytime you need to replace your rear shocks/struts, you must drop the rear control arm. If you are doing other rear suspension work, you may need to drop it as well. Kent came up with this tool kit when he was converting his SL500 to conventional coil-over shock absorbers.


617 Diesel Garrett T3 Turbocharger Custom Overhaul Tool Set

For all 5 cylinder turbo 300SD 300D 300CD and 300TD 1978 to 1985 (NO instructions included)

This set of special tools is designed to help speed the removal and ease the overhaul of a Garrett T-3 turbocharger on a 617 turbo diesel engine.


616 617 Diesel Engine Starter / Transmission Removal Tool

For 220D 300D 300TD 300CD and 300SD 1969 to 1985

Getting to and removing the two hex head bolts that hold the starter to the bellhousing can be a real test of your sanity - especially if you don't have the right tool! You will need a heavy duty hex socket on a strong wobble extension.


Maintenance - 10 Inch CURVEDLocking Clamp Plier - Injector Return Hose Tool

Lets you reach into tight places - very long nose curved pliers with teeth - like hemostat

This is one of Kent's favorite tools. Lets you reach into tight places - very long nose curved pliers with teeth - like hemostat. With the locking handles it is amazing what this clamp / pliers can hold - and the tight places it can get into!


M112 V6 M113 V8 Power Steering Reservoir Tank Clip Removal Tool

Not necessary for some applications but on some you will find the clip is "stuck on" and will need some tool to pry it out. This is our creation to solve the problem.

We designed this tool to be able to easily pry off the C-clip holding the fluid tank onto the power steering pump on M112 and M113 engines.


Bilstein Shock Absorber Removal and Installation Tool

Finally a real tool to hold the top of the shocks while turning the nut or nuts !!

This U.S.A. made 17 mm 8 inch long combination wrench is custom modified here in our shop to help you easily install Bilstein front and rear shocks on most of the older model Mercedes Benz.


Screw Cap Style Ignition Tumbler Service and Replacement Tool Kit

Do tumbler service and replacement inside the car with Kent's custom tools and FREE detailed VIDEO instructions

If you have been around old Mercedes for any length of time, you have probably run into a problem with your ignition key starting to "stick" or one that would not turn.  This problem can leave you stranded and could cost hundreds of dollars to fix $$$.